New Features

  • ACPICA: Update to version 20170831
  • dmi: dmicheck: Add BMC Interface Type definitions from IPMI spec
  • lib: fwts_acpi_tables: add a new function to check Reserved field
  • lib: fwts_acpi_tables: add a new function to check reserved bits
  • efi_runtime: add resetsystem runtime service

Fixed Bugs

  • acpi: replace checks for Reserved by fwts_acpi_reserved_zero_check
  • lib: replace spaces by tabs
  • acpi: replace checks for Flags by fwts_acpi_reserved_bits_check
  • fwts-test: sync up with new fwts_acpi_reserved_bits_check
  • acpi: replace checks for reserved bits by fwts_acpi_reserved_bits_check
  • acpi: spcr: check reserved values for parity and stop fields
  • debian: copyright: fix spelling mistake: acpcia -> acpica

  • acpica: fix spelling mistake: acpcia -> acpica

  • iASL: Fix incorrect memory allocation
  • lib: constify a couple of arrays
  • src/acpi/brightness: constify sys_path and return of brightness_get_path
  • acpi: method: constify arrays
  • acpica: constify array fwts_default_space_id_list
  • cmos: cmosdump: constify several char * arrays
  • bios: bios_info: constify array bios_info
  • bios: multiproc: constify array bus_types
  • dmi: dmicheck: constify array dmi_used_by_kernel_table
  • uefi: securebootcert: make array securebootcert_info_table const
  • uefi: uefidump: make array uefidump_info_table const
  • uefi: uefirtmisc: make arrays flag static const
  • uefi: uefirttime: constify static array dayofmonth
  • lib: fwts_firmware: make enums into a defined type
  • lib: fwts_framework: make several int fields into uint32_t
  • lib: fwts_framework: re-order and clean up fwts_framework fields
  • lib: fwts_log: make magic uint64_t to improve corruption checking
  • fwts_log: make line_number to a uint32_t type
  • acpica: constify bool parameter val in fwts_acpi_region_handler_called_set
  • lib: fwts_acpi_table: make indexes which and index uint32_t
  • lib: fwts-battery: make battery type a typedef'd enum
  • lib: fwts_battery: clean up battery interfaces
  • lib: fwts_button: make button counts and button number uint32_t
  • lib: fwts_checksum: object sizes should be size_t rather than int
  • lib: fwts_devicetree: constify a few function arguments
  • lib: fwts_formatting: make width parameter size_t
  • lib: fwts_wakealarm: make wakealarm times uint32_t
  • lib: fwts_battery: include inttypes.h for PRIu32 definition
  • lib: fwts_log_plaintext: include inttypes.h for PRIu32 definition
  • lib: fwts_log_xml: include inttypes.h for PRIu32 definition
  • acpi: battery: include stdint.h and inttypes.h
  • acpi: wakealarm: include stdint.h and inttypes.h
  • securebootcert: remove the SignatureOwner on signature presence check

  • dmi: dmicheck: Fix Base Address Modifier checking
  • acpi: method: sbbr: set some methods as optional

Detail Changelog

To check /usr/share/doc/fwts/changelog.Debian.gz or fwts_17.09.00-0ubuntu1.debian.tar.gz from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fwts

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