New Features

  • ACPICA: Update to version 20180629
  • dmicheck: update Processor Upgrade field in Type 4
  • dmicheck: update connection and port types in Type 8
  • dmicheck: update Usage and Characteristics 2 fields in Type 9
  • dmicheck: update memory type and add nvdimm fields for Type 17
  • coreboot/clog/clog.c: add clog test

Fixed Bugs

  • klog.json: lower severity of temperature threshold
  • doc: adding --clog options to man page
  • lib: fix array size too small to fit the output
  • lib: silence gcc 8 complains
  • lib: fix gcc 8 warning messages
  • Add travis yaml file to automate builds on github
  • test: syntaxcheck: sync output with latest ACPICA output
  • acpi: pptt: Fix PPTTBadSubtableLength error message
  • fwts_log_scan: add lib/src/fwts_log_scan.c
  • fwts_log_scan: move fwts_klog_free
  • fwts_log_scan: move fwts_log_find_changes
  • fwts_log_scan: move fwts_log_remove_timestamp
  • fwts_log_scan: move fwts_log_scan
  • fwts_log_scan: move fwts_log_unique_label
  • fwts_log_scan: move fwts_log_scan_patterns
  • fwts_log_scan: move fwts_log_compare_mode_str_to_val
  • fwts_log_scan: move fwts_json_str
  • fwts_log_scan: move fwts_log_check
  • fwts_log_scan: move fwts_log_regex_find
  • fwts_clog: add fwts_clog_free
  • fwts_clog: add fwts_clog_read
  • fwts_clog: add fwts_clog_scan
  • fwts_clog: add fwts_clog_scan_patterns
  • fwts_clog: add fwts_clog_firmware_check
  • fwts_Framework: add clog argument
  • fwts_clog.c: add fwts_clog_available
  • clog.json: add coreboot messages to clog database
  • fwts_coreboot.c: add cbmem console parser
  • cpufreq: exit if parsing the cpufreq directory fails
  • cpufreq: fix fwts_set paths
  • nfit: improve length handling for ACPI NFIT structures
  • nfit: remove broken NFITBadLineOffsetAlignment check
  • README: add the fwts-devel mailing list address and web page
  • nfit: scan SMBIOS Management Information structure

Detail Changelog

To check /usr/share/doc/fwts/changelog.Debian.gz or fwts_18.07.00-0ubuntu1.debian.tar.gz from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fwts

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