New Features

  • ACPICA: Update to version 20200528
  • dmicheck: update supported DMI version to 3.3

Fixed Bugs

  • fwts_acpi_object_eval: add a function to check package
  • acpi/method: remove duplicated code by a common function
  • acpi: refactor method_test_BMD to a common function
  • fwts_acpi_object_eval: add a function to check buffer size
  • acpi/method/time: replace buffer size checks with function calls
  • method: fix typo for ROM test return
  • acpi/method: add tests for _MAT method
  • fwts-test: sync up with _MAT method tests
  • method: replace duplicated code by util function in _PRR test
  • acpi/method: remove duplicated code in _PSR test
  • acpi/method: add tests for _SLI method
  • fwts-test: sync up with _SLI method tests
  • acpi/method: fix incorrect error messages for _SUB tests
  • acpi/method: check _WPP returns by fwts_method_test_polling_return
  • acpi/method: update tested method comments for _ALx and _SLI
  • acpi/method: line wrap long statements
  • fwts_acpi_object_eval: revise fwts_method_test_passed_failed_return
  • dmicheck: test feature flags in type 2
  • dmicheck: remove duplicated chassis type test in type 3
  • dmicheck: update Processor Characteristics test in type 4
  • dmicheck: add Supported SRAM test in type 4
  • dmicheck: fix typo in type 8
  • dmicheck: add CXL Flexbus 1.0 to slot type in type 9
  • dmicheck: fix wrong length for reserved fields in type 13
  • dmicheck: update tests in type 17
  • dmicheck: check fields that has max 0x8000
  • dmicheck: check reserved bits in Characteristics in type 43
  • dmicheck: refactor code to check mutliple valid ranges
  • fwts_acpi_tables: fix fwts_get_acpi_version helper
  • acpitables: test ACPI versions vs. ACPI table revisions
  • fwts-test: sync up with acpitables tests
  • gitignore: update ignore list
  • cpu: virt: remove unused marco "CPUID_FAM_REV"
  • acpi/nvdimm: add tests for nvdimm devices
  • acpi/devices: refactor devices' HIDs and names
  • cpu/msr: remove General Performance Counters
  • acpi/devices: fix typos in comments
  • dmicheck: add type 0's fields used by kernel
  • acpitables: add table name outputs to revision tests
  • fwts-collect: depreciate ebda collection
  • lib: fwts_acpi_tables: add option for dump acpi table from sysfs
  • lib: fwts_dump_data: make the dumping data the same format as acpidump
  • doc: add new --dump-acpi-from-sysfs option
  • fwts-test: sync up with new --dump-acpi-from-sysfs option and acpidump changes
  • lib: fwts_acpi_object_eval: fix build error on i386
  • gitignore: add git.mk
  • debian: update copyright info for git.mk
  • gitignore: enable git.mk usage
  • gitignore: add results.log
  • gitignore: add packaging specific files

Detailed Changelog

To check /usr/share/doc/fwts/changelog.Debian.gz or fwts_20.06.00.01-0ubuntu1.debian.tar.gz from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fwts

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