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Who I am

Hello. I am 27 years old and I live at Lisbon, Portugal. However I was born in Madeira Island a very nice island in the Atlantic. I hold both a BSc and MSc in Computer Science from Universidade Nova de Lisboa and I'm currently pursuing a PhD also in Computer Science.

My Ubuntu story

I have started using Linux on servers with FedoraCore1, then CentOS and then Debian. It was not until Ubuntu first release Warty that I decided to pursue using Linux on the desktop and it has been my platform of choice ever since. I'm on Launchpad since 2005 and have been contributing on a wide range of areas from bug reporting to translations and on the Portuguese LoCo Team.

My involvement


  • Ubuntu Booth demonstrator at the First Free Software Forum Portugal.
  • Organized the first Ubuntu-pt meeting. Casual dinner with 18 Ubuntu users.
  • Regular at the monthly ubuntu-pt LoCo meetings.

  • Translator for Ubuntu in Portuguese.

  • IRC channel support at #ubuntu-pt.
  • Responsible for the Portuguese LoCo team website.

  • Ubuntu advocate in Portugal.

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  • Did some packaging and related work.
  • Was bugcontrol/bugsquad member (membership expired).

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

  • Packaging fixes for eclipse:
    • - Fixed FTBFS for powerpc and other bugs reviewed by Michael Koch and doko.
  • Packaging fixes for libmtp:
    • - Fixed package to install hal .fdi file and other conffile magic.
  • Very proud of the inclusion of Transmission as the default bittorrent client following my proposal to ubuntu-desktop ML.

Areas of work

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Things I could do better

Plans for the future


What I like least in Ubuntu

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