Meeting opened by chaynie at 00:02

  • <chaynie> [TOPIC] Roll Call

Roll Call

  • <himura-mobile> O/

    <chaynie> Ok, for posterity, who is here and paying attention?

    <Hamaliel> I am here and paying attention =D

    <Chloric> alive and paying attention here

    <chaynie> fyi: the Agenda is available here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FloridaTeam/Meetings/#Agenda

  • himura-mobile is driving a trying to pay attention

    <chaynie> himura-mobile: The meetings are logged, so if you have to cho0se, we prefer you drive safely! Wink ;)

    <himura-mobile> I'm solid XD

    <chaynie> hey there dorgan and jamalta. Just in time.

    <dorgan> Smile :)

    <jamalta> chaynie: hey

    <chaynie> himura-mobile: That's good to hear.

    <jamalta> in time?

    <chaynie> jamalta: Team meetings?

    <mhall119> Meeting time cjohnston crashsystems dantalizing fixer itnet7 Lupine mianosm pak33m RoAkSoAx

    <jamalta> is it time for a meeting?

    <jamalta> ohh

    <MichelleQ1> o/

    <Chloric> yup

    <Chloric> o/

    <mhall119> and maxolasersquad

    <MichelleQ1> distracted by Glee.

    <chaynie> jamalta: You forgiven since you're on crazy cali time now. ;_

    <chaynie> Wink ;)

    <jamalta> chaynie: hehe :P

    <jamalta> i'm still at work

    <chaynie> jamalta: Exactly. Crazy.

    <jamalta> heh

  • jamalta goes look at the agenda

    <chaynie> mhall119: Let's give itnet7 some time to show up since both agenda items are his.

    <chaynie> Unless someone has something they'd like to discuss that's not on the posted agenda.

    <itnet7> Here Sorry

    <chaynie> itnet7: Good timing!

    <Hamaliel> Hooray itnet7 !

    <itnet7> On Phone Though

    <chaynie> Well, before we get officially started, I have good news and bad news.

    <MichelleQ1> ...ok

    <Hamaliel> I prefer good news good new

  • Hamaliel nods

    <chaynie> The bad news is that we need to have a moment of silence to acknowledge the demise of my hopes of attending UDS-N.

    <chaynie> =(

  • MichelleQ1 bows head in silence

  • Hamaliel bows his head

  • mhall119 packs the duct tape

    <Chloric> ouch

    <chaynie> mhall119: I assume you're packing silently?

    <Chloric> well, im on the same boat

    <chaynie> Wink ;)

    <MichelleQ1> ...and so the good news is?

    <mhall119> chaynie: you'll find out in the early morning hours of the 25th

    <mhall119> Wink ;)

    <MichelleQ1> :-D

    <chaynie> The good news is that part of the reason looks to be a fantastic new ( still in Orlando! ) job opportunity.

    <MichelleQ1> woot!

    <chaynie> which I'm excited about.

    <Hamaliel> Oooo! Congrats!!

    <chaynie> and ... drum roll please ... It won't be 100% Windows!

    <Chloric> o.O

    <mhall119> chaynie: awesome, congrats

    <dorgan> lol

    <MichelleQ1> good for you dude

    <Chloric> that sounds awesome

    <dorgan> thats awsome!

    <Hamaliel> woot!

    <mhall119> and let me be the first to say, I'm glad you're not leaving for california

    <chaynie> Thanks!

    <MichelleQ1> mhall119: right?

    <itnet7> sweet

    <chaynie> mhall119: Thanks. I wasn't gonna go jamalta on you guys. UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE.

  • chaynie looks at jamalta

    <Chloric> xD ouch, burn

    <MichelleQ1> bwahaha

  • mhall119 looks at maxolasersquad and crashsystems and jtatum_w

    <chaynie> I kid, I kid.

    <crashsystems> O-O

    <itnet7> +1 on all job opportunities

    <mhall119> and zbrown, the one who started it all

    <jamalta> chaynie: Sad :(

  • MichelleQ1 wanders back to watch Glee.

    <chaynie> jamalta: I'm just ribbing you, dude.

    <jamalta> chaynie: i know, it's fine.. i deserve it :P

    <chaynie> anyways, on to business. itnet7, you have the floor.

    <MichelleQ1> jamalta: we like you anyway

    <MichelleQ1> Smile :)

    <jamalta> MichelleQ1: Thanks! Smile :)

    <chaynie> [TOPIC] UDS Updates (by itnet7)

UDS Updates (by itnet7)

  • <itnet7> bear with mobile andcan bately see

    <itnet7> so today we heard from Marianna that she was contacting the hotek

    <itnet7> hotel

    <MichelleQ1> I saw. Hopefully we'll get a definitive soon.

    <itnet7> can you fill in some details please Michele

    <MichelleQ1> sure thing

    <itnet7> about what we asked, including possibly using the plenary room and the potential days

    <MichelleQ1> we're trying to get an answer from the hotel on whether or not A) we can reserve the plenary room for either Monday or Tuesday nights, and Awesome! B) whether we can bring in outside food for the reception.

    <MichelleQ1> I suspect that getting a room won't be difficult, but I am concerned about being able to bring in food from off-facility sources. I've dealt with hotels in the past that have had limits because of unions. Hopefully we won't face this issue.

    <itnet7> Marianna and Jorge were really excited

    <MichelleQ1> Once we get a definite yay or nay on the space/food issues, we'll commence with the more nitty-gritty planning

    <itnet7> cool

    <MichelleQ1> Any questions either itnet7 or I can address right now?

    <Chloric> about UDS or anything?

    <MichelleQ1> specifically about the host party

  • itnet7 wishes that he had a good battery for his LT

    <MichelleQ1> no worries itnet7, I got your back. Smile :)

    <chaynie> itnet7: Anything else?

    <Chloric> nope

    <itnet7> not on that topic

    <chaynie> ok, moving on.

    <itnet7> Wink ;-)

    <MichelleQ1> I think we're good for now, itnet7, until we hear from Marianna

    <itnet7> yes

    <chaynie> [TOPIC] Maverick Release Parties! Or, How I learned to stop worrying, and love the Meerkat.

Maverick Release Parties! Or, How I learned to stop worrying, and love the Meerkat.

  • <Chloric> and 10.10 release parties!

    <Chloric> =D

    <MichelleQ1> hahaha

    <Hamaliel> Hooray, release parties!

    <chaynie> Again, itnet7 you're on point.

    <chaynie> pak33m: You here?

    <itnet7> I just wanted to remind everyone that there are a couple of Team Release parties listed on the loco directory

    <itnet7> and

    <itnet7> for the areas that currently don't have one arranged, if one is close travel it will be worth it

    <Hamaliel> Sign me up for Melbourne itnet7 =D

    <MichelleQ1> I'm not sure mhall119 and I are going to be able to attend one this cycle.

    <chaynie> Remember kids, if you're good all devel cycle, itnet7 will come to your release party and give you free cds!

    <mhall119> maybe we can just arrange to meet some folks for dinner

    <MichelleQ1> that might be amenable

    <itnet7> chaynie lol

    <Chloric> Anything for Miami-Dade or South Florida?

    <chaynie> itnet7: Congratualations. I just turned you into Ubuntu-Claus

    <itnet7> that would be great Michelle

    <itnet7> lol

    <MichelleQ1> rofl

    <itnet7> Chloric, maybe we can get some folks down your way to arrange a dinnet as well

    <itnet7> as long as you don't expect me to fit down any chimneys we're good

    <MichelleQ1> I think you'd look fabulous bearded, itnet7

    <Chloric> first, good luck finding chimneys here

    <chaynie> itnet7: I think a beard, bad of cd's, and a jolly laugh will suffice.

    <MichelleQ1> they're like basements.

    <itnet7> lol

    <itnet7> there is going to be one in tallahassee

    <chaynie> [AGREED] itnet7 is the Ubuntu version of Santa Claus

itnet7 is the Ubuntu version of Santa Claus

  • <chaynie> ..and now it's official.

    <itnet7> chaynie is getting coal

    <chaynie> itnet7: lol

    <Chloric> LMAO

    <MichelleQ1> ROFL

    <Hamaliel> lol

    <mhall119> if this winter is like the last one, the coal might be nice

    <itnet7> that's really all I have on that topic

    <itnet7> not the santa one

    <itnet7> but the Release Parties

    <Hamaliel> I'll be heading down to Melbourne a bit early Sunday. Any good coffee shop recommendations? =D

    <chaynie> here's the events link for those interested: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-us-florida/events

    <MichelleQ1> itnet7: what time Sunday is the Melbourne event?

    <itnet7> sweet Hamaliel, pak33m

    <itnet7> might also show from Orlando

    <Chloric> man, over 3 million people in miami and not a party :p

    <itnet7> 5 pm but you are eelcome to visit early

    <itnet7> that was welcome btw

    <MichelleQ1> We *may* be able to make it - depending on the children. We're dog sitting, but should be done by noonish.

    <MichelleQ1> don't count on it, as a definite, though.

    <itnet7> Families are encouraged to attend Wink ;-)

    <itnet7> sure, no problem

    <itnet7> there are several people on meetup sc that have RSVP

    <itnet7> 'd

    <Hamaliel> itnet7: You got a link to the meetup page?

    <MichelleQ1> anythihng else exciting, chaynie?

    <chaynie> MichelleQ1: That's about it. Floor is open.

    <itnet7> hamaliel, normally I would, but I'm on my phone

    <Hamaliel> Ahh, gotcha man. I'll see if I can hunt it down the old fashioned way.

    <itnet7> oh i can get it hold on

  • <itnet7> http://www.meetup.com/Spacecoast-Linux/calendar/14988016/i/fd_new_rsvp_multi_tl

    <Hamaliel> Thanks itnet7!

    <itnet7> not sure if it's complete, paste doesn't seem to work great for urls in connectbot

    <mhall119> looks fine

    <itnet7> cool!

    <chaynie> Ok, anyone else have anything they want to add?

    <MichelleQ1> nada!

    <itnet7> I'm good

    <itnet7> ty

    <Chloric> Did anyone order a Maverick CD?

    <chaynie> Alrighty everyone, I'm calling this meeting adjourned. Thanks to everyone who participated!

    <chaynie> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 00:49

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