CSS Syntax/Design Tutorial Basics

The purpose of the CSS tutorial is to learn the basics of the CSS model and it's syntax. Outline the CSS core elements and show how positioning/design with CSS works. Before you can begin this tutorial you should familiarize yourself with some of the syntax definitions:

CSS3 Syntax Definitions or you may also view the syntax at: CSS General Syntax At w3schools.com site there is a brief tutorial which you are welcome to follow as I have learned many things from this site, but for this tutorial we will get more in depth on floats, positioning, margins, height and width.

In the following weeks I will add a sample project with a step by step guide on how to achieve the end result of the project and that is compatible across all mainstream web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, Opera and yes even Safari.

Tutorial Outline:

  • Syntax Basics-Start here

  • Creating Height & Width of your page

  • Body & Colors

  • Hyper links & Lists

  • Headings & Font Size

  • Floats & Positioning

  • Divs, Spans & ID tags

  • Margins & Padding

  • IE Box Model | What is the difference?

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