Would you like to try this game to see if it's a good game for you, and to gauge whether or not you would like to be involved in supporting the Floco in Renting an ETQW server?

There are a couple of different ways that you can do just that..... first you can go out to the local Best Buy or similar store an purchase the game for approximately 30-40 US dollars. Then go here: and download the linux installer. They use torrents to distribute the clients and I am sure that you can find it elsewhere, but here is the place that I went to. After installing the game you will need to perform an update to make sure you are at the current patch level. If anyone has any difficulties or would like some help post to the forum and we will arrange for you get the help you need!

***** Found this out at I would recommend that if your truly a gamer that you get this version especially for only 29.99 plus shipping :-)******

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