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  • Local Advocacy:

    • Organizing UbuCon at this year's ALF

    • Florida Linux Show
    • Ubuntu Bootcamp,
    • Spacecoast and Tampa Meetups
    • Ubuntu Hours in Orlando and Tampa
  • Community Educating:

    • Participate in organizing and teaching for Ubuntu User Days
    • Continue participation in the UCLP & Ubuntu Classroom

    • Continued participation in local and global Jams
  • Charitable Advocacy and Exposure:

    • Continued work with Qimo
      • Build Day on January 23, 2010 - troubleshooting and installation in 43 computers
      • Anchor House Build-day in February networking 6-12 computers for a computer lab for a transient boys home.
  • LoCo Support:

    • Continue mentoring LoCo teams

    • Continue to provide support in IRC and forums
  • Development

    • jams as teaching opportunities, pimping dev week???


  • Communication:

  • Local Advocacy:

    • Represented Ubuntu and the Florida Team at every Florida Linux show to date (Handed out CD's and Information Packets @ our Florida Team Booth)
    • Atlanta Linux Fest (Show of Support for Atlanta LoCo and had a table for advocacy several members of Florida Team attended)

    • Held Release Parties all over the State for Hardy, Intrepid, Jaunty, Karmic, and planning now for Lucid.
    • Celebrated at a 60-person strong anniversary celebration.
    • Established our first Ubuntu Hours in Orlando and Tampa, and have plans as mentioned above for the future.
    • Regular monthly meetups in Tampa and Now on the SpaceCoast.

    • Instrumental in the organisation of Ubuntu User Day, and several members lead sessions.
  • Community Educating:

    • Ubuntu User Day
    • UCLP & Ubuntu Classroom

      • Multiple members involved in the UCLP and Ubuntu Classroom Projects
  • Charitable Advocacy and Exposure:

    • In the past 12 months, we have hosted 3 build or install days, working with Qimo4Kids to get computers to at-risk children. One of these installs was at a local at-risk youth shelter, where all of the resident children got involved. We had 75 participants, and built approximately 40 computers.

  • LoCo Support:

    • Multiple members are mentors to other LoCo's

  • Development

    • LoCo Directory

    • Zeitgeist
    • ClassBot

    • Website Localization

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