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Party Info

  • Who - UDS Attendees, Ubuntu Florida Team, and Guests
  • What - Pizza and a Movie night
  • When - October 25th from 7:00 - 10:00/10:30
  • Where - Grand Sierra D, the Plenary room.
  • Why - We would like to welcome everyone to Florida!

For more information, and register to attend (not mandatory, but encouraged) visit the LoCo Directory here.

Sign Up Sheet for UDS-N Host Party Needs

Total Cost of 40 large pizzas from Dominoes: $276.90

$30 Sponsorship of the event, Change left over will be used to purchase ice,and plates, and such.

Send your contribution via PayPal, or let Michelle know when you can get her the money. Then add your name to the list below. Thank you!

Total so far: $228.40 (Total in Paypal account, Cash still pending)

  1. -- itnet7 2010-10-14 23:57:38 (Paypal)

  2. -- Michael & Michelle

  3. -- X-Man (Paypal)

  4. -- John P (Cash)

  5. -- St├ęphane (Paypal)

  6. -- Steven Miano (Paypal)

  7. -- Billy N3GBZ (Paypal)

  8. -- Eric (Paypal)

  9. -- thelupine 2010-10-21 14:39:39 (Paypal)

  10. -- RoAkSoAx (Cash)

  11. -- maddog_2009 (Cash)

150 x 2 drinks = 300 drinks. 300 / 24 total number of Cases. 12.5, Round up to 14 Cases.

A case is 24 count in the above estimates.

  • 3 Cases of Water (Est. $18) - John P(1 24pack)

  • 2 Cases of Coke (Est. $24) - John P(1 12pack)

  • 2 Cases of Diet Coke (Est. $24) -maddog_2009 (2 24pack)

  • 2 Cases of Rootbeer (Est. $24)
  • 2 Cases of Orange Flavored (Est. $24)
  • 2 Cases of Lipton Iced Tea (Est. $24)
  • 2 Cases of Sprite or Mountain Dew (Est. $24) - John P(1 12pack sprite)

Total Cost of Drinks based on estimate: $162.00.

Water prices taken from Staples website 5.99 for a 24 Pack Soda prices take from Staples webiste 5.99 a 12 Pack

If Pepsi or Coke is on sale, or you have a preference of either product, please select that. Please do not purchase generic brands. Place a @SIG@ Next to the Item you plan to bring. We need the items on Monday morning if possible. If you have signed up to bring something on this wiki, and are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible, so what we can make other arrangements.

Links for estimated prices:

Other things we need to bring:

  • Big Coolers for the Sodas to get them cold! - John P

  • Plates, Napkins, Disposable Silverware, Cups - Michael & Michelle

Looking forward to seeing all of you there!!

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