Team Ubuntu

A competitive Folding@Home team has formed to represent the Ubuntu community and promote Ubuntu while doing some good. To help out, just download and install the appropriate client, which then uses your spare CPU cycles to calculate answers to important science questions! To join Team Ubuntu, simply enter 45104 when the setup dialog requests a team number.

Support & Contact

Folding@Home Client Installation

It is highly recommended that you use one of the installer programs listed on the main FoldingAtHome page. There is also a manual installation method which can be found there as well.

Team Artwork

This is the place to share artwork which has been created by team members. You are encouraged to use them as your avatar on the Ubuntu Forums, as a means to spread the word about Folding@Home and Team Ubuntu. Please feel free to put your GIMP skills to good use for creating and posting images here!

The artwork linked here before doesn't meet the new style guidelnes.

Other Notes

Three other Ubuntu folding teams formerly existed - ubuntu forum, and ubuntu-fr. After nbcthreat's initiative, these have been merged into one team, and are no longer active. There is now only one active Ubuntu folding team, and that is Team Ubuntu, team #45104. tsimonq2 is the new LP team leader.

Folding@Home rules only allow the original team creator to edit team attributes. Everything looks good as of now, but if anything ever gets out of whack again, we will need to get in touch with the team owner. So, for the record, the team owner is MattGalvin. Please do not bother him without dire need.

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