Here's a very rough list of wishlist/feature requests for the fontforge font design suite by George Williams.

It is a very advanced program but from the perspective of designers things could be improved.

The changelog is moving fast and well worth watching:

This initial list comes from listening to feedback from designers giving Fontforge a quick test drive. This doesn't take into account the possible complexity of actually implementing these features. It's basically a summary of "wouldn't it be nice if fontforge had this feature?" conversations.

Feel free to add your own thoughts and refine this list:

  • change grey background to white (DONE)
  • improve OS X packaging (Aqua port?)
  • reduce the node points
  • consider implementing a python interpreter to be able to reuse Fontlab scripts (DONE)
  • provide an UFO import/export filter (DONE)
  • include better graphic tablet support
  • allow shortcuts to be redefined
  • provide an options to synchronize menus with Fontlab where possible (gimpshop-like)
  • drop the not-quite respectful error messages
  • be able to see point coordinates in the canvas
  • GTK+ port: UNDERWAY - mostly the viewer
  • better hinting tools
  • better tools to tweak smart features (like Graphite description language)
  • Microsoft Visual OpenType Tool (VOLT) like UI

  • VOLT like accessibility and improvement for non-latin complex scripts like range Indic Scripts and others.

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