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  • contact exisiting developers in subforums. make sure they are connected to the rest of the developers. Possible candidates for FA team ?
  • We need an improved step-wise ideas/spec process sticky.
  • Henrik's idea : spec tutorial. maybe something for Ubuntu Open Week. Jono likes it.

brainstorming about possible new subsections

  • We have to find topics & areas where developers will value input.

  • update-testing on forums -> talk with Micheal Vogt about it. Probably best to do this inside dev-link. Micheal likes it.

  • bug triage subforum -> possibly speak to Daniel Holbach about idea

    • ubuntu_demon : IMHO first try dev-link and "how to become involved.." subsections
  • dev link / developer link specific announcement subforum where developers can ask for specific testing/feedback.
    • Possible do a lightning talk to see whether developers are interested in this. Devs don't have to browse through the forums they just start a single thread requesting feedback on a particular package.
    • only developers can start threads
      • - moderated
    • stickies in development forum VS nice clean specific development subforum
  • "How to become involved in the rest of the community" specific subsection. With howto stickies like :
  • Concise and simple HowTos Needed (checklist / step plan) :

    • How to create a Launchpad account.
    • Guided tour of Ubuntu Community Resorces. (Wiki, IRC, etc...)
    • How to search Launchpad.
    • How to file a good bug report.

    • How to write+file a spec+what happens after. (just posting in the forum isn't acceptable. discussion thread is fine but needs a spec. link to discussion thread in spec.)
    • How to create a wiki account.
    • How to become an Ubuntero.
    • How to join bugsquad
    • How to work with the bugsquad
    • Brian Murray volunteers to help write a few howto's
  • Howto mentoring subsection -> post in forum and contact mentor. see launchpad beta / mentoring pages launchpad

    • ubuntu_demon : IMHO first try dev-link and "how to become involved.." subsections

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