UbuntuForums Moderator Requirements

This is an overview of what is expected of an Ubuntuforms moderator,but is not an exhaustive list. The Forum Council is not interested in micromanaging the team or closely monitoring their activities. Above all, we value team input and rely on team participation in discussions on the forum and on IRC.

Time Commitment

2-4 hours per week with moderation team duties is a reasonable minimum, more if you are happy to!

Routine Forum Tasks

  • Reviewing reported posts. This includes engaging in discussions and giving opinions where necessary.
  • Moderating in forums as required, some require more proactive moderating than others.
  • Housekeeping.
  • Giving support in Forum Feedback & Help.

  • Reviewing the moderation queue.
  • Contacting users to resolve potential problems.

Some Things to Bear in Mind

  • Please continue to provide support on the Forums.
  • Remember when posting that you are a role model for newer members.
  • Participate in discussions in private forum moderation team areas.
  • Participate in discussions in #ubuntuforums and staff areas (IRC) is highly encouraged.
  • From time to time, the Forum Council will reverse moderation team actions.
  • Canonical scripts monitor activity on the forum, if you are inactive during the cron script run time, you will be deactivated.

Activity Outside of The Forum

  • Please consider helping in the various irc channels, editing Ubuntu wikis and helping in askubuntu, or in any other way that helps make the forum part of the wider Ubuntu community.
  • Subscribe to the Forum Council agenda. If you can not attend the meeting, please comment on any issues prior to the FC meeting.

Have Fun!

It's not a job, you won't get paid ...

So if you are not enjoying your moderator duties, then something is wrong. Talk to other members of the team. Join in the banter in SCC or #ubuntuforums-mods or take a break.

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