An update from the Forums Council for April of 2012

1. The Tutorials & Tips Section are having a change of function, tutorials will be moved to the Community Wiki and the subforum will be used for direct support for people attempting to follow these guides. The staff are going to promote the transition to wiki effort.

2. The forum will now be adding staff from Ubuntu Forum Members. The process is going to be more open, in that the staff will be voted by the Ubuntu Forum Members rather that selections made by pooling the current staff for input on possible future staff members. The exact process is yet to be ironed out, but we are keen to see the community get more involved. We hope to have the exact process worked out by the next council meeting.

3. The Ubuntu Forums are still running an old version of vBulletin. The SSO was an issue that was overcome, but unfortunately it appears to be broken again. We need to get in contact with jcastro and get an update on the state of the fix.

4. The staff are going to continue to participate in wider community activities.

5. The Forum Council are going to continue writing the monthly forum reports.

6. The Ubuntu Forums are still not listed in Ubiquity installer or in the Firefox bookmarks on the installation cd. s.fox has handed the code for the ubiquity slide to the developers but it was not added. We are hopeful it will be included in the next release. We plan to push this through and have it included for 12.10. philinux has been working on the Firefox bookmarks and has submitted an updated bookmarks file. Again this was not included by the developers. We are also going to be pushing for its inclusion in the next release.

7. We have added one new Ubuntu Forum Member, cprofitt.

8. The Forum Council have agreed to close old disused forum team subforums.

9. The Forum Council have agreed in principle to add an Independent Ubuntu App Developer forum as a main category. The Forum Council are currently waiting on mhall119 to email with more information.

10. The U+1 forum has been created for the next release and given a more prominent place on the forum structure.

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