An update from the Forums Council for October 2014

  • Update on the closing and archiving of inactive Loco subforums that has been done. Emailed loco-contacts@lists.ubuntu.com

  • New default avatars uploaded by canonical-sysadmins.
  • No new Ubuntu Member applications this month.
  • Forum was 10 ... we allowed users with less than 10 posts (spam precautions) to choose Custom Avatars
  • Brought back a cleaned up and rejigged other support area
  • Started writing blog posts - syndicated to Planet Ubuntu
  • Changed level to enable usertitle editing from 3500 posts to 2000 posts

October meeting logs http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2014/ubuntu-meeting.2014-10-05-18.04.moin.txt

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