An update from the Forums Council for April 2015

Super Moderator group

  • The Super Moderator group is working as expected. slickymaster has been promoted Forum Admin after three months in the group, filling a vacant position in the Forum Council.

  • QIII has accepted to join the Super Moderator group to replace slickymaster.

s.fox has stepped down from the Forum Council

We would like to thank s-fox for several years on the Forum Council and for all the cake (please see below). All our best wishes for future endeavors !

Mobile Forum Theme

s-fox has worked on the forums mobile theme to make it look like the regular desktop browser theme. Additional work needs to be done to create new icons, but that will be labor intensive.

Ubuntu membership via forums contributions

The community was solicited by a thread in the restricted (Ubuntu members only) area on the forums, in the open Ubuntu, Linux and OS Chat forum and a blog post.

Phone and Tablet Support

Support area for Phone and Tablet added to Specialised Support area.

Next Forum Council Meeting

As no point were raised by forums members in a very long while, it was decided to reduce the FC meeting timing from one every months to one every four months. There is an admin restricted forum where all the FC discussions take place. Reports will be filled to keep the community informed about decisions. Having a monthly meeting to only point out in the #ubuntu-meeting IRC channel what we have already been discussing among us with no one else commenting for over a year seems a bit pointless.

Should you wish to add items to the agenda here is the link.

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