An update from the Forums Council for December 2015

Forum Structure Revamped

Some areas have been repurposed to better fit current questions.

The Multimedia area is now dedicated to multimedia software questions. We also have dedicated sub-forums for Mythbuntu and Ubuntu Studio. All video and sound card, and other hardware inquiries, should go to the Hardware section.

Unanswered Posts can now be searched from categories (the structure above individual forums), which allows for ex to search for all unanswered posts from all support forums at once.

Staff Team

For the time being, we have decided to remain with 5 Admins in the Forums Council, the workload being nicely shared among us. To note, 3 Super Moderators help with some aspects of the Forums administration.

PaulW2U and PartisanEntity have stepped down from their moderator position. Thanks for all the work you both have done on the forums !

Moderator Team Meetings

The second Moderator meeting was held on September 20th. These meetings are aimed at gathering the whole UF Staff even though we talk on a daily basis in the Staff (restricted) forums. Real time talking are always good for a team and help everyone to be on the same page regarding forums moderation and reinforce the team feeling.

Forums Slowdowns and Double Posting

The Ubuntu Forums have been quite slow for some time now, leading to pages that could not be accessed and double postings in threads. Canonical Sysadmins have changed two ram modules on the servers. Forums usability has been drastically improved. Many thanks to Junien Smile :)

Should you wish to add items to the agenda here is the link.

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