About me

I am an Information Technology student and Ubuntu, GNOME and Openoffice contributor since 2008 when I did my first translation to Greek (Brasero). Since 2009 I've been developing FOSS software and helping other Ubuntu Greek LoCo members. Lately I am helping Greek schools to use and have a better experience with Ubuntu.

Contact information


Fotis Tsamis



Athens, Greece





Phantomas on


  • Ubuntu Greek LoCo member since 2008.

  • Ubuntu, GNOME and Openoffice translator (to Greek) since 2008.
  • Developer of cpu-g - a hardware information tool (Screenshot), which was my first Python/GTK+ project.

  • Developer of Epoptes - a computer lab management and monitoring tool (Screenshot), which has become a pre-installed application in Edubuntu.

  • Developer of sch-scripts - a user administration tool designed for Greek schools (Dialog Screenshot).

  • #ubuntu-gr Greek LoCo IRC channel operator since 2009.

Future Goals

I want to make even more schools/organizations use Ubuntu and Epoptes by developing nice and powerful features in Epoptes (such as teacher/student screen multicasting, internet blocking, CLI) and develop other useful open source software.

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