• Investigate why the session manager takes 4s before it starts the window manager (arguably one of the most important bits) (Desktop Team)
  • Investigate 1s gap between start_pulseaudio finishing and seahorse starting (Desktop Team)
    • Why does seahorse even depend on Pulse Audio? (Desktop Team)
  • Compiz wrapper shell script duplicates much of the probing of the binary, and is expensive; why? (Desktop Team)
  • Compiz takes 9s to start, why? (Desktop Team)
    • XML parsing?
    • relocations for every .so file loaded?
  • GNOME Panel has high CPU usage about 5s after starting, is this being caused by an applet that's hidden by default? (keyring applet) (Desktop Team)
  • Nautilus uses high CPU for several seconds after starting (Desktop Team)
    • Looks like it's reading every single file on the desktop, home directory, Trash(!!), etc.

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