• Colin Watson
  • Alexander Sack
  • Arne Gotje
  • Bryce Harrington
  • Chris Cheney
  • Evan Dandrea
  • James Westby
  • Lars Wirzenius
  • Luke Yelavich
  • Matthias Klose
  • Oliver Grawert
  • Steve Langasek


  • Intrepid specs
  • state of 8.04.1
  • state of Intrepid Alpha 1


  • ACTION: asac to make an informational spec out of intel connection manager session notes
  • ACTION: asac + slangasek to discuss inclusion of ffox 3.0 final in the final 8.04.1 CD's
  • ACTION: calc to make an informational spec for the ooo release schedule session notes
  • ACTION: calc to provide updated OOo priority reports to Sun
  • ACTION: cjwatson to locate notes for ooo-langpack spec
  • ACTION: cjwatson to review Ago's wubi spec and decide assignment
  • ACTION: evand to draft oem-system-recovery spec
  • ACTION: doko to investigate if MoM's host machines has the disk space to do Testing and/or Experimental merges
  • ACTION: [Volunteer Needed] to write the boot-performance spec
  • ACTION: Everyone not occupied with 8.04.1, spec writing, or urgent matters should focus on getting merge queue down
  • ACTION: Everyone to make travel arrangements for Distro sprint

Intrepid Specs

A survey was made of everyone's specs. These should be set to either Review or Pending Approval when ready for Colin to approve. Anything listed as Drafting or below will be assumed to be still in progress.


  • font-selector: ready
  • translation statistics: Needs further review and fleshing out implementation


  • The Intel connection manager discussion determined that it is not ready to be implemented for Intrepid, but may be worth writing up for the record. It will be set to Informational.


These are the priorities for Intrepid:

  • xorg-input-hotplug: ready - colin's already given some comments
  • xorg-options-editor: ready - tseliot is primary implementer here; bryce will assist as needed
  • x-testing-infrastructure: approved - ongoing spec from Hardy; has been updated for Intrepid work

Low priority specs, but may be easy enough to do for Intrepid:

  • xorg-ctrl-alt-backspace: ready - but a controversial change
  • mouse-extra-buttons: drafting - *might* be automatically done via xorg-input-hotplug, so will be worth testing at least and if not, should be written up for intrepid+1.


  • ooo-langpacks: drafting - cjwatson had volunteered to write this one up from his notes
  • ooo release schedule: drafting - Informational spec needs to be written for this, with the "Implementation" section being entries on the appropriate calendar
  • Doko mentioned that Sun wants to see updated priority reports


  • dvd-performance-hacks: approved
  • ubiquity-visual-refresh: approved
  • usb-installation-images: approved
  • oem-system-recovery: Needs drafted
  • wubi specification: Ago has drafted it, cjwatson needs to review it and decide who to assign it to.
  • ubiquity-visual-refresh sounds like it will be quite time consuming, but fortunately is quite modular


  • No assigned specs so far
  • Might do one for openjdk in main
  • Might do one for python3
  • Might start a plugin-policy draft
  • Might do one to expand mom to merge from Debian Testing (and maybe Experimental) - merging from testing means to only merge stuff that survived the unstable->testing transition, which would help in adding more stability to our current development release. A trade-off to watch out for is that bug fixes can end up getting delayed in that transition, thus being able to control it on a package-by-package basis would be desirable. Perhaps enabling MoM to offer multiple merge options (testing/unstable/experimental), and allow the merge packager to select what is most suitable. However, does the host machine have the disk space to handle this?


  • distributed-development-importer: approved
  • packagekit-intrepid: made some contributions, but this is mostly mvo's and glatzor's


  • UbuntuDesktopToolsA11yReview: ready

  • DmraidSupport: ready

  • There won't be a spec for the PA/sound complex; it just has a collection of random tasks needing to be done. Once glitch free lands in an upstream release, things should be much improved in terms of performance. See 8.04.1 section for additional discussion.


  • desktop-automated-tests: approved
  • package-level-tests: approved
  • cleanup-cruft: ready
  • fast-lsb-release: ready
  • get-rid-of-python-central-and-support: ready
  • gobby-server-persistent-state: ready - [Everyone cheers] This will involve adding a hook to sobby to commit to bzr after sobbywrites to files.
  • lintian-harness-improvements: ready
  • no-fsck-at-boot: ready - [ahh, sweet!]
  • super-piuparts: ready
  • debian-policy-in-docbook: drafting


  • local-content-filter: drafting
  • compcache: drafting
  • edubuntu-menus-completion: drafting
  • Might do an informal one for mesh, but that's less of a spec. Have identified that none of the drivers support it anyway yet.


  • No assigned specs


  • cjwatson has made some progress on the archive-reorg spec and may hand it over to slangasek
  • boot-performance is unassigned and needs a volunteer to write it up properly. The notes are in UDS-Intrepid/Report/Platform.

State of 8.04.1

A meeting is scheduled with the team at 0700UTC tomorrow, a final push to get everything folks are working on verified and out. The one major unresolved issue is pulseaudio interaction, which is a topic for that meeting.

Otherwise, we are on track with the kernel and as soon as some livecd-rootfs fixes get deployed, we should be able to start rolling test images.

The gvfs/samba issues have not yet been resolved. Upstream has been working on it but doesn't have a good patch yet. Steve plans to dive into this from the samba side more heavily tomorrow/Friday in the hopes of closing this out as well.

Because of the OpenSSL issue, the scope of 8.04.1 has been expanded to include all images, which means we have to go through an ISO verification process for DVDs also. Unless mozilla defers their ffox 3.0 final release, those should definitly get included in the final images; slangasek and asac will discuss this tomorrow. doko was concerned about updating openjdk-6, but it's in hardy/universe so not directly subject to 8.04.1 restrictions, but needs to be available in the archive in time for the 8.04.1 announcement.

cjwatson would like to move the updated openssl into hardy (release pocket), just to further reduce the risk that new deployments will use it.

State of Intrepid Alpha 1

We still have some uninstallable packages, as can be seen at: http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/livefs-build-logs/intrepid/ubuntu/20080611.1/livecd-20080611.1-amd64.out

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
  evolution-exchange: Conflicts: evolution (>= 2.23.0) but is to be installed
  libffi4: Depends: gcc-4.2-base (= 4.2.3-2ubuntu7) but 4.2.4-0ubuntu2 is to be installed
  python-apt: Depends: libapt-inst-libc6.7-6-1.1 but it is not installable
              Depends: libapt-pkg-libc6.7-6-4.6 but it is not installable
  synaptic: Depends: libapt-inst-libc6.7-6-1.1 but it is not installable
            Depends: libapt-pkg-libc6.7-6-4.6 but it is not installable
            Recommends: deborphan but it is not installable
  • evolution-exchange is self-explanatory, as is the apt ABI bump
  • libffi4 was due to gnome-python2-extras needing rebuilt; someone is working on this already, but it is still not yet resolved in the archive. It should be resolved with a recent python-gobject, plus rebuilds.

slangasek is working on doing the intrepid merges for the various installer components that need to know about intrepid, but he doesn't expect Alpha-1 to be ready by tomorrow as scheduled. cjwatson is almost done with cdrom-detect and will upload tonight.

There is still a rather vast swathe of merges to be done. People not on 8.04.1 who have finished writing specs and are not occupied with other urgent things should please focus on helping with merges.

Distro Sprint

Unfortunately holding both halves of the sprint side-by-side in London didn't work out, but we will all still be in London on the previously-mentioned dates (14-18 July) and there may be some kind of conference link to Lexington during the timezone overlap, so plan anything in advance that you need to work on with the kernel/server/mobile teams.

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