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(10:00:39 AM) robbiew: o/
(10:00:41 AM) mvo: hi
(10:00:58 AM) barry: hi
(10:02:28 AM) robbiew: whose chairing today?
(10:04:16 AM) robbiew: doko: do you recall who was chairing the meeting today?
(10:04:19 AM) ev: hiya
(10:04:23 AM) barry: doko: i think
(10:04:44 AM) barry: or maybe he did it last week (bip logs suck)
(10:05:02 AM) robbiew: I know he did it last week...but can't recall who was to do it this week
(10:05:38 AM) barry: cjwatson: volunteered last week ;)
(10:06:09 AM) robbiew: ah...but he's busy
(10:06:18 AM) robbiew: okay...I'll run this bad boy
(10:06:20 AM) doko: gahh, forgotten about that
(10:07:13 AM) barry: shuffle says order is: ev, mvo, doko, surbhi, Keybuk, cjwatson, barry
(10:07:42 AM) robbiew: #startmeeting
(10:07:44 AM) MootBot: Meeting started at 10:07. The chair is robbiew.
(10:07:44 AM) MootBot: Commands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]
(10:07:58 AM) robbiew: [TOPIC] Lightning Round
(10:07:59 AM) MootBot: New Topic: Lightning Round
(10:08:13 AM) robbiew: ev is up first
(10:08:14 AM) robbiew: :)
(10:08:25 AM) ev: I've been working on creating new GTK widgets to support some of the design elements that Michael has created for the installer. I also created a small server to act as a front end to the geonames database and filed an RT ticket for a server to put this on.
(10:08:45 AM) ev: Next up is hacking the partitioner to reflect the new design
(10:08:46 AM) ev: ~
(10:08:48 AM) mvo: last week: vacation :) this week: software-center-buy-something (I updated my previous two activity reports in the wiki too, but its a little bit terse this time) (done)
(10:09:11 AM) robbiew: doko?
(10:09:21 AM) doko: * linaro: work with CS on Ubuntu patches, new uploads using the CS changes, work with M
(10:09:21 AM) doko: arcin on integrating the gcc -cross.mk build files
(10:09:21 AM) doko: * work with barry on python2/python3 coordination
(10:09:23 AM) doko: --
(10:09:52 AM) robbiew: surbhi on holiday
(10:09:59 AM) barry: doko: can you push out an updated py2.7 pkg to debian with the latest rc?
(10:09:59 AM) robbiew: Keybuk on holiday
(10:10:11 AM) robbiew: cjwatson is busy
(10:10:14 AM) robbiew: barry?
(10:10:15 AM) barry: f-m-py-versions: moved 2.7 stack to ~pythoneers; imported debian's 2.7 package; fixed sysconfig/py2.7-minimal bug & submitted debian bug report; blocked on numpy/pygtk ppa ftbfs. f-m-robust-py-pkg: ported doko's versioned .so files to py3k; repaired test failures; added distutils support; testing; discussed w/POX; will take upstream to py-dev today. misc: initramfs-tools-bin amd64 mav fail; rt issue re pipermail; dmb & ppu rights.
(10:10:15 AM) barry: done.
(10:10:54 AM) robbiew: [TOPIC] Actions from Last Meeting
(10:10:55 AM) MootBot: New Topic: Actions from Last Meeting
(10:11:02 AM) robbiew: did we have any?
(10:11:10 AM) robbiew: I don't think so
(10:11:12 AM) barry: robbiew: don't think so...
(10:11:23 AM) robbiew: (skipping FFE)
(10:11:29 AM) robbiew: and bugs...looks fine
(10:11:42 AM) robbiew: [TOPIC] Sponsorship Queue
(10:11:43 AM) MootBot: New Topic: Sponsorship Queue
(10:12:00 AM) ***robbiew will beat the drum....DO IT
(10:12:03 AM) robbiew: :P
(10:12:19 AM) robbiew: our community depends on us for it...and we depend on them ;)
(10:12:35 AM) robbiew: [TOPIC] Business from Activity Reports
(10:12:37 AM) MootBot: New Topic: Business from Activity Reports
(10:12:55 AM) ***robbiew looks at the wiki and notices VERY light activity
(10:13:27 AM) robbiew: [TOPIC] Good News
(10:13:29 AM) MootBot: New Topic: Good News
(10:13:45 AM) ***robbiew leaves for vacation this Friday...and won't be back until July 6th
(10:13:47 AM) robbiew: :D
(10:14:00 AM) barry: hey, i got per-package upload rights for a few things!
(10:14:07 AM) robbiew: we also made an offer for Release Manager
(10:14:15 AM) robbiew: barry: \o/
(10:14:36 AM) robbiew: [TOPIC] AOB
(10:14:37 AM) MootBot: New Topic: AOB
(10:15:01 AM) robbiew: mvo did you get around to deferring some of your blueprints? ;)
(10:15:06 AM) mvo: *cough*
(10:15:11 AM) mvo: not yet, but I will this week
(10:15:37 AM) robbiew: thank you sir :)
(10:15:59 AM) ***mvo blushes a bit for not having it done already
(10:16:01 AM) robbiew: the MIR queue is WAY backed up...and the team is in desperate need of help
(10:16:46 AM) robbiew: a discussion has been started around redoing the MIR process
(10:17:08 AM) barry: robbiew: where is that discussion being held?
(10:17:24 AM) doko: looking at some MIR's I think it became to easy to say "I did follow the process" ...
(10:17:49 AM) robbiew: asac proposed a model where we have a small MIR team that is basically responsible for packages that would fall into the core-dev team responsibility; while packages that are leaf packages just for package sets like gnome and kde and server etc. could be approved by trained roles within the team responsible for the package set.
(10:17:58 AM) robbiew: barry: email right now
(10:18:30 AM) robbiew: we should probably move the discussion to ubuntu-devel
(10:18:39 AM) barry: +1 :)
(10:18:47 AM) robbiew: but in fairness, it started out as a simple request for a few people to help
(10:19:16 AM) asac: right. imo we need a short term fix for the backlog ... and we should think about better scaling it in future
(10:19:30 AM) robbiew: asac: agreed
(10:19:34 AM) asac: which is why i thought about aligning it around apackage sets came up
(10:20:53 AM) robbiew: so....that's all I got
(10:21:05 AM) robbiew: other teams are also being asked to help with the MIR backlog
(10:21:28 AM) robbiew: I wanted to raise it here...but we honestly don't have the spare cycles
(10:21:37 AM) robbiew: unless mvo decides he doesn't need sleep
(10:22:14 AM) mvo: sleep is important! and I have a kid that keeps me already from sleeping
(10:22:16 AM) robbiew: if anyone wants to jump in and help (but not join), I'm sure that would be appreciated as well
(10:22:30 AM) robbiew: [TOPIC] Next Week's Chair
(10:22:31 AM) MootBot: New Topic: Next Week's Chair
(10:22:50 AM) robbiew: is it ev?
(10:23:03 AM) ev: sure
(10:23:15 AM) robbiew: nice...thanks ev
(10:23:19 AM) robbiew: #endmeeting
(10:23:20 AM) MootBot: Meeting finished at 10:23.
(10:23:25 AM) robbiew: and that's all she wrote
(10:23:25 AM) mvo: thanks
(10:23:26 AM) robbiew: :)
(10:23:33 AM) barry: robbiew: thanks!

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