Discussion around ifhowhow we can provide sysadmins the ability to upgrade landscape managed machines.


In addition to regular updates it useful to perform full system upgrades for a sysadmin.

User stories

John manages a cluster of machines with landscape and wants to upgrade from from 9.04 to 9.10. The new landscape release upgrade feature enables that.


Landscape deals with lots of machines at the same time. So its required that the upgrade can be done without user intervention. The default mechanism for release upgrades with ubuntu is the "update-manager". It can have various frontends, one is a non-interactive one that can be used by landscape.


Landscape can just call "do-release-upgrade --frontend DistUpgradeViewNonInteractive" and use the exit code to tell if the upgrade was successful or not. Detailed logs are available in /var/log/dist-upgrade/*. The NonInteractive frontend in update-manager is currently mostly used for testing. It runs e.g. failed maintainer scripts with debug options again (sh -x). This needs to be cleaned up and made optional so that landscape can use it.


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