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18th September 2012

cm-t (arudy)

cm-t, olive, huats, Joanna Castillo, clement, poupoul2, axx, tshirtman, kinouchou, Pierre Slamich, Winael, Yoboy

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The French Team is managed by a council elected every two years.
You can contact the French council by email or on IRC to question about our community.
You can also use one of our mailing lists or IRC channels for more specific questions.

Ubuntu Main website
Ubuntu Documentation
Ubuntu Forum
Ubuntu Planet
Ubuntu Events
Ubuntu l10n Blog
Ubuntu Ubuntu webcafé
Ubuntu LoCoDirectory
Ubuntu Launchpad team

Ubuntu Ubuntu support
Ubuntu French translators
Ubuntu French Council
Ubuntu Website admins
Ubuntu Documentation
Ubuntu Ubuntu in Paris
Ubuntu Activities
Ubuntu + ~15 projects lists

Ubuntu Ubuntu support
Ubuntu General talks
Ubuntu Ubuntu +1 help
Ubuntu French council
Ubuntu Websites admins
Ubuntu Events help
Ubuntu IRC Meetings
Ubuntu Ubuntu development
Ubuntu +4 smaller channels

Table of contents


Release Party

To promote each Ubuntu release the French community organizes events called "Ubuntu Party" in collaboration with Linux User Groups (LUG). We also create simple short-lived release websites to promote these events (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS release website).

These events may be:
Ubuntu a simple restaurant get-together where users meet each other;
Ubuntu an install party to help people upgrade, install or use Ubuntu;
Ubuntu courses and workshops on Ubuntu and on free software;
Ubuntu conferences on Ubuntu, free software, free culture and current affairs.

Many cities organize events, more or less ambitious : Aix en Provence, Bordeaux, Brest, Dijon, Lyon, Orléans, Paris, Saint-Jean en Royan, Saint-Seurin sur L'Isle, Schilitgheim, Vire, La Celle Saint-Cloud, Romorantin-Lanthenay, Sarrebourg, Sisteron, Toulouse, Pau, Les Pieux, Nantes, Saint-Etienne, etc.


We have online page where ubuntu related media is shared (work in progress):

Paris Ubuntu Party (focus)

The Paris Ubuntu Party edition is our biggest event. Every six months, we organise an Ubuntu Party at the Carrefour du Numérique, La Cité des sciences et de l'industrie (the Paris Science Hall). The whole of the week-end, people can discover Ubuntu and Free Software with fourteen hours of conferences, ten hours of classroom, ten hours of workshops…

Paris Ubuntu Party Android Application

Paris Ubuntu Party workshops and conferences program.
For the very general public, these days are designed to promote free software and Ubuntu in particular.
This application lets you make your own personal schedule, selecting the conferences and workshops which you want to attend and for which you want to be notified.


We have a fully equiped room designed for conferences. We talk about many subjects as on Ubuntu specific project, a more global free software or even about the Internet neutrality. We try to make subjects the most atractive as possible inviting specials guests like Jeremie zimmerman (La Quadrature du Net), Benjamin Bayart (French Data Network), Didier Roche (Ubuntu-fr, Canonical).
You can watch as much as desired some of these conferences on our dedicaced website:


We have a dedicaced classroom with a computer on the latest Ubuntu for each participant. We can learn how take in hand the new Unity, browse the Internet, contribute on Ubuntu, use openstreetmap, try the basic of CLI.


We have differents areas demonstration such as: "free try" (~30 Ubuntu Unity desktops); "gaming" ( eight Ubuntu Unity desktops with installed games like Trine2, Frets on Fire, …); "Technology Showcase" It aims to be a prolongation of a given talk. (12.04 : An ubuntu-tv. 11.10 & 11.04 : a Tablet-PC multi touch). We will developp more this area on the next party (12.10) since its last success; "DIY" a game where you must seeks hand graphed carpet 'Circle of friend, hand paper craft ubuntu robot. Party 12-13 Mai 2012 Photo 2.17.JPG

Install Party

As usual, we have our Install Party. It's about ~100 installed machines a day with our French speaking edition of Ubuntu.


We make announce of Ubuntu Party on our forum, on our dedicaced websites and To cover these announces we link them on social network. Moreover, we have videos to shortly explain what is an Ubuntu Party to futur visitors: Last LTS we used a lot the video featuring sabdfl (1, 2) we are currently using a video made by an amateur videographer who wanted to contribute by his way. We have a channel.

Ubuntu Hours

An Ubuntu Hour is a community get-together/social event. We try to promote Ubuntu Hours by frequently holding this type of event in Paris. So far, it is well working in the capital, but not as well in other cities where other similar events are already being held. In Paris there are also many similar meetings and we encourage users to attend them too. We have started to announce more and more hours on social networks and on the loco website. (

Ubuntu-fr Involvement in 3rd-party Computing Events

The French team is present and holds a booth at all the major events in France where we are invited. We have also helped the Ubuntu-be team at FOSDEM during the last editions.


FOSDEM is the biggest free and non-commercial Free Software event organized by and for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet.


The RMLL (Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre, Libre Software Meeting) is a unique opportunity to discover and share all the latest news from the field of Libre technologies and to enter into direct contact with development communities. We have a booth that allow us to spread Ubuntu, launch talks and even sell our goodies. We often animate Ubuntu install party. We sometimes proposed conference on the promotion of free software to the general public.

Solution Linux

The Solutions Linux/Open Source Fair takes place every year in Paris, since 1999, and is organized by Tarsus Group plc. It is dedicated to the free software and open source ecosystem, particularly operating systems based on GNU/Linux, and brings together professionals and communities. We have a booth that allow us to spread ubuntu, launch talks and even sell our goodies.
The national TV channel "France 3" made an interview at our booth (fr) to be shown at the evening news "soir 3". (approximately 1.5 million viewers)

Salon Angevin du Multimédia

The Salon Angevin du Multimédia is dedicated to new technologies. We have a booth that allow us to spread ubuntu, launch talks and even sell our goodies. edition 2011 (34).jpg


Intertice is dedicated to presenting new technologies to the teaching profession with conferences and workshops. We have a booth that allow us to spread ubuntu, launch talks and even sell our goodies. We also have an install party. We have the opportunity to discover teachers ubuntu.


The Journées du Logiciel Libre in Lyon is a annual event in Lyon holding conferences and workshops on free software. Ubuntu Lyon have a booth that allow us to spread ubuntu, launch talks and even sell our goodies.

First Saturday (Paris)

Monthly opened free software meeting at Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie each first saturday of month. We participate to the install party with Parinux, Fedora and Mageia teams. This project is an Ubuntu-Fr initiative.

Hacking on Thursday (Lyon)

Monthly opened meeting to share knowledge and help people getting lost on their new desk environment after an install party. We are often five people from the community to help 15 to 20 people from 7 up to 10pm since 2010. This project is an Ubuntu-Lyon initiative in collaboration with La Maison Pour Tous - Salle des Rancy.

Ubuntu-fr Involvement in 3rd-party Non-Computer Centric Events

The French team tries to be present at several non-computer centric events to reach people from the general public who don't attend our own events or computer-centric events.

Papillons de nuit

For the past two years, we have teamed up with the Papillons de Nuit music festival to offer festival-goers Internet access by setting up an Internet café, the Ubuntu Webcafé.

Vieilles Charrues Festival

Vieilles Charrues festival is the biggest French music festival. Therefore, Ubuntu has its stand as is proper!
We firstly provide Internet access through our own Ubuntu Webcafé: 12 fully-equipped computers we have bought on purpose are at festival-goers' disposal.

The twelve Ubuntu webcafé team members are mobilized to inform festival-goers and answer questions about Ubuntu or about free software in general.
We also have goodies and this year we had flyers too.

To attract more festival-goers, we also offer wonderful temporary tattoos (CoF & Tux). We take pictures put on our new dedicated website. So people can have their "tattooed" picture and share them.

The website has a paper : everyday, we download pictures and articles about artists concerts and especially about backstages with spicy anectodes! We try as much as possible to have pictures with artists with our Ubuntu T-shirt, a real challenge!

For four days Our booth represents about 1 000 people reached per day, 4 000 people with tattoos and 3 000 flyers distributed during the festival without counting artists and all the backstage personnal as cookers, vigils or technicians.

Braderie de Lille

The Braderie de Lille is Europe's biggest and most famous rummage sale. We hold a booth to sell our old goodies and talk about Ubuntu with both buyers and bypassers.

Forum des associations du 2ème arr. de Paris

At a block party, we hosted an information booth on Ubuntu at the heart of the French capital and at the foot of the Bank of France and the royal palace garden.

Salon Primevère

Salon Primevère: annual huge French meeting about ecology and alternative. ~30 000 visitors. Some members of Ubuntu-Lyon help for the free software stall. Each year we sell more than 100CDs of the French speaking edition of Ubuntu.

Tant Libre

« Tant Libre » festival: Arts and knowledge sharing fair. A stall to promote Ubuntu by the French community and an install party.

Relationships with other Libre groups and associations

Over the years, the French team established some strong relations with other Libre groups and associations.


April is the biggest and most important Free Software defence and promotion association in France. At every Ubuntu Party, we invite April to talk about Free Software and ongoing related issues (software patents, free software and public administrations, etc.). We have also relayed the Pack Liberté (“Freedom Pack”) fundraising campaign.

La Quadrature du Net

La Quadrature du Net is an advocacy group defending the rights and freedoms of citizens on the Internet. More specifically, it advocates for the adaptation of French and European legislations to respect the founding principles of the Internet, most notably the free circulation of knowledge. Ubuntu-fr responded to the European Commission IPRED consultation (public consultation on the Directive 2004/48/EC on the enforcement of intellectual property rights.), the BEREC consultation of November the 2nd 2011, the BEREC consultation of July the 31th 2012. We are also a relay of their fundraising campaigns and, of course, always invite La Quadrature to our Ubuntu Parties to talk about Net Neutrality and related issues.


Based in the educational world, Framasoft is a collaborative network of websites whose common denominator is free software, its culture and mindset. It aims to spread free software and make it known to the wider public. They provide the Framakey/Ubuntu-fr Remix, a USB key with a compilation of Windows and Mac OS X programs which can work without being installed on the user's OS. We helped add to this a complete persistent Ubuntu Live session, allowing users to share the programs' configuration on each OS. Users can also install Ubuntu using this key. Framasoft & the French team also have a common online shop. Framasoft are invited and come to every Ubuntu Party to talk about the Framasoft project and its products (books, live USB keys, etc.). We also relay their fundraising campaigns.


Ubuntu-fr is a permanent member of Aquinetic's Strategic and Scientific Orientation Committee, known as COSS (Comité d'orientation Stratégique et Scientifique). Aquinetic is a French not-for-profit organization whose main goal is the emergence, acknowledgement, promotion and development of a scientific, technical and industrial skills local center in the area of services, computer networks and telecommunications for free software. Aquinetic's COSS is composed of members of the free software community, including NPOs, universities and companies.


Mozilla is regularly invited to our party ubuntu. They have a booth and conferences. They provide lots of goodies for raffle and other events.

Wikimedia France

The Wikimedia Foundation's stated goal is to develop and maintain open content, wiki-based projects and to provide the full contents of those projects to the public free of charge. They are invited to our Ubuntu Party hold a booth and they make workshop beside us at "First Saturday".

Others French LUGs

Local French LUGs help the French Team organize all the events everywhere in France.

Online activities

Portal is our index page. We recently added a Piwik, an Free tools analytics, so next time stats will be more friendly. We are now the 8800th website in the international "globalrank", 342th in the french website (on the 2012-09-16). More over, we have a daily count of our ubuntu french speaking edition download at 6 000.


We have an average of 1 500 new page and 4 000 modified pages per year. We also have detailled charts. Its about 20 000 single visitors a day for an average of 5 minutes for each.


193592 members, 493110 topics, 4447569 messages, 42 sections.
Last year, on the French Community Forum, there was an average of 2,900 registrations, 5,200 new topics and 57,000 new posts per month. Its about 36 000 single visitors a day for an average of 3 minutes 30 secondes for each. Since 2010, we re-launched the game to win 1 year of the magazine "Linux Pratique" or "Linux Pratique Essentiel", its about 12 winner a year ! The winner is picked randomly in the list on people posting in a support topic at a given period.


The Ubuntu-fr Planet is an online space dedicated to Ubuntu related news, tutorials, tricks and tips written by French speaking contributors, in France or anywhere in the French speaking countries. It features now 56 individual contributors and provides a great asset to the Ubuntu French community by bringing gathered news to a non English speaking audience.


We host several IRC channels to provide the community with real-time support, information and an online social space. Our #ubuntu-fr support channel has between 150 and 200 people connected at any given time.


We use our different mailing lists to communicate, organise and debate. We have numerous lists but 4 main publics lists which hold most of the discussion.


  • Provide quality translations for all the official Ubuntu releases and projects

  • Release

    • Translation pattern

  • translation coverage per release (translated/total, absolute untranslated)
    • Start of period: Unknown
    • End of period :
      • Lucid: 90.3% (absolute: 31933)
      • Maverick: 90.1% (absolute: 34934)
      • Natty: 89.3% (absolute: 38783)
      • Oneiric: 85.1% (absolute: 54413)
      • Precise: 84.8% (absolute: 48557)
      • Quantal:
    • ASK: A more systematic, online tracking of translations (& benchmark) to raise morale and awareness.

  • Documentation

    • We lagged on Documentation in general because it's not the sexiest or easiest part of the job.
    • We lagged on Kubuntu Docs due to the lack of translators having a Kubuntu install or willing to install an image.
    • We lagged a little bit on the server side due to complexity of the English documentation
    • We've caught up recently.
    • ASK: We lack systematic online valorisation (eg: publication) of translated documentation.

  • Ubuntu Package Descriptions Translations: we started bridging the gap

    • (kpi) number of untranslated strings and completion ratio
      • Lucid: 54616 (XX%)
      • Maverick: 56029 (27.2%)
      • Natty: XXXX (X%)
      • Oneiric: 64751 (21.78%)
      • Precise: 54616 (24.7%)
      • Quantal: 54616 (24.7%)
    • The important part is to look at the most visible translations. Two ways to do this:
      • look only at ddtp-ubuntu-main
      • use to see only packages shown in the Software Center

        • 38 out of 300 packages in main in the Software Center are still untranslated.
        • All restricted packages are translated (out of 5)
        • 14 untranslated out of less than 100 in the Multiverse Packages
        • 1300 untranslated packages from universe out of 1800
    • (kpi) Lucid, Precise translation ratio to German & Spanish (French/foreign language)

      • We lost ground to other languages. While at the beginning of period German and Spanish were ahead, at the end of period, German (45%), Italian (40%), Spanish (38%), Slovenian (31%) and Russian (30%) were ahead. That's a 15042 string gap with German.
    • ASK: Given the sheer amount of work, we would need crowdsourcing help by integrating translations of descriptions in the Ubuntu Appstore end-user UI

  • Online Apps
    • Translation of the Ubuntu Team & Events Portal

    • Translation of various LP stuff as requested
  • Ensured Q&A pre & post release

    • (kpi) insert # of translation bugs filed per release: Lucid, Maverick, Natty, Oneiric, Precise, Quantal
      • 17 assigned bugs overall: 3 Fix commited bugs, 11 Triaged Bugs, 2 incomplete bugs, 1 confirmed bug
    • Translation bugs are due either to upstream or to us, due to lack of proofreading. A good next-step would be to lower the barrier of error reporting and to involve the rest of the French community.
  • Increased the efficiency of the translation process & leadership

    • increased the (kpi) number of active contributors: 16 "active" contributors by LP's standard (team members, regardless of contributions)

    • increased the quality of contributions so as to reduce review work (kpi) # of unmodified validated contributions / # of validated contributions (end and start of period)

    • grew the best contributors into reviewers and active members

      • no active action taken on that point. We've started clearing the backlog on September 1st. 2 great members were added and have done a tremendous work.
    • grew reviewers into team leaders

      • no active action taken on that point. Pierre took on the duties of Bruno as he withdrew and took part of the de-facto leadership with team-leader Alexandre
    • Reduced the backlog of strings to review

      • End of Period: Lucid: 7886 , Maverick: 8607 , Natty: 9152, Oneiric: 8181, Precise: 8155 , Quantal: ??
    • reduced the backlog of unapproved contributors

      • we tried but hesitated given the balance between quality and number of members
      • we didn't have compelling incentive to reduce that backlog (many applications without any mail on the ML to announce work, or mail without any significant contributions)
      • we refreshed the wiki and started reactivating members (

    • Refreshing the wiki (

    • Be able to retain and engage our active members

      • We lost several significant contributors and reviewers that were doing the bulk of the job due to personal imperatives and lack of engagement by the team. We couldn't calculate churn due to lack of data, but we've started reversing the trend by being proactive (we contact each person making suggestions to engage, we review the forum regularly for translation-related topics..). An interesting metric would also have been: sum of average monthly contributions × number of months since we lost them)
      • Seasonnality effect ?
  • Increased awereness of our work to attract new members

    • Opened a blog (0.6/1)

      • we opened a blog on Blogger and then migrated it to the ubuntu-fr hosting platform ( >> means

      • webdesign teams lacked time to work on this project as they had limited ressources. We thus have a barebones design.
      • We wrote a couple of posts
      • We failed to attract contributors to the blog for the moment
    • Created a newsletter (0,5)

      • a couple of issues were released
      • stopped due to single contributor lacking time
    • Syndicated on the planet (0/1)

      • Miss on that one as the blog isn't ready
    • Posted on the forum (0,5/1)

      • Someone suggested we post on the forum at low hours to get maximum exposure. We tried but didn't gain that much traction.
      • All members added a signature to attract members. We refreshed the pinned post about getting involved (+200 views)
    • Created a presence on social networks (0/1)

      • We want to act on this, either with a standalone account or with scheduled post on the main account
      • Possibly using Hangouts on Air to engage and create tutoring material
    • Present at Ubuntu Conferences (0,4/1)

      • we were present at a technical Ubuntu conference, but it wasn't the public we were aiming for. 15 people listening, 2 people actually expressed interest in joining the team, 1 actually posted on the ML.
      • we should aim for every Ubuntu Party, with a presence either physical or over VC (Hangouts, yet non free, are an interesting option for office hours or Translation Workshops as they allow multi-users VC, with screensharing and conference recording for upload and social sharing)
    • Ensure presence in the UWN

      • presence in the UWN Translations stats ensured us visibility.
      • we were dropped from it for some reason

Our infrastructure is the following:

The 17 servers or vms that we are using falls out:

  • 2 at the University Pierre Mendes France in Grenoble (those computers belongs to ubuntu-fr)
  • 2 at University Paris 8 (those computers belongs to ubuntu-fr)
  • 3 VM hosted by the FSF France in Rennes (doc/forum slave + DB + administration vm)
  • 2 VM hosted by the University of Nantes (forum / doc slave + DB)
  • 2 in Mont de marsan (Aquinetic) (those computers belongs to ubuntu-fr)
  • 2 VM in Télécity (
  • 2 computers provided by the free fundation
  • 2 computers provided by ikoula

None of these computers needs a direct financing of the LoCo since they are all provided thanks some partership (more or less ) and nicely provided by the hosting facilities..

In the last 2 years the various actions have been (without taking notes of the various actions to get those partnership done) :

  • Installation of an administration node (named palo), that sets up puppet and a vpn
  • Moving of the forum and the documentation to our owns server (leaving ubuntu-eu), both in Rennes at the beginning, configuration done via puppet
  • Moving of the forum in Nantes, setting of the redundancy and synchronisation of the DB, configured via puppet
  • Setting up of the supervision service, configured via puppet
  • Setting up of the backup service, configured via puppet
  • Dedication of a virtualisation server for small sites (party, fullcirlce-fr, etc ...)
  • Setting up of the sympa mailing lists manager, configured via puppet. Moving all our mailing lists on our own infrastructure (leaving ubuntu-eu)
  • Setting up of piwik to gain stats of the doc,forum, etc ...

We think the overall dedicated time would have been 5/6 men months in the last 2 years, since we have at least always 2 admins working many hours a week.

Our ToDO is made of:

  • Migrating from lxc to kvm (setting up redundancy) (on going)
  • A second backup
  • Setting up clean development servers (using puppet)
  • Improving the www-static (over a bunch of server by instance)
  • Setting up a sympa failover
  • Improve the mail stack configuration (setting up one or many secondaty MX, may be proposing email boxes, etc ...)

« En Vente Libre » is an online shop, created by ubuntu-fr and Framasoft to allow access to merchandizing goods to all the french-speaking community. Other Free Software associations have joined the effort. French ubuntu CDs, tshirts and book on libre software can be bought from anywhere in the world by people, associations and administrations. There are about 20 checkouts a day, with a massive increase around releases. The money generated is used to sponsor other described events.

Social Networks


ubuntu-fr : (63 likes, not active yet)

ubuntu-party : (297 likes, most active since last summer)


ubuntu-fr : (+1001, 930 friends)

ubuntu-party : (+196, 177 friends)


ubuntu-fr : (1077 followers, 147 tweets)

ubuntu-party : (3449 followers, 1452 tweets)

ubuntu-fr : (71 followers)

ubuntu-party : (610 followers)


ubuntu-fr : (not active yet)

Our main social network activity is on Twitter, where our @UbuntuParty account has nearly 3,500 followers, and @Ubuntufrorg has over 1,000. The @UbuntuParty account was opened in March 2009 and the @Ubuntufrorg in September 2009.

On other social networks, which so far have not been a priority, the Ubuntu Party accounts still garner some interest. On Facebook this account is followed by 289 people and shares news about Ubuntu and about the animation purposed by the Ubuntu-fr LoCo Team. The Ubuntu-fr page is almost empty and followed by only 57 people. On Google+, there are two pages. The Ubuntu Party one just shares all Ubuntu-fr related news and is followed by 175 people. The Ubuntu-fr page has over 1,000 followers but isn't very active. We have started thinking about how to use more efficiently those accounts.

None of these accounts has particular advertising on the portal.


French CD

The Ubuntu-fr-locoteam produces CDs for each release (10 000 since 11.04). We distribute them either directly during events and through the online shop. Below, we have distribution maps of CD dispatching per release.





Framakey Ubuntu-fr remix (FUR)

FramaKey is a package of portable and ready-to-use Free Software that can be carried on a USB key designed to make the user’s life much easier. Ubuntu-fr and Framasoft are team-working to produce a live USB dongle of the Ubuntu French speaking edition and a selection of windows/mac Libre software applications (the same as on ubuntu, with shared data when it makes sense) with persitent storage.

Aluminium Stickers

Since may 2011, 8000 aluminium stickers have been sold.
We sell it for 50 cents in our online store.

Plastic Mug

Up to version 11.10, we made 250 mug every 6 months.
They were decorated with the appropriate animal. The mug was made ​​from recycled plastic.
We sell it for 6€.

Ubuntu-fr T-Shirts

Since 2007, we have created four design t-shirts in five different colors. Some series are reserved for active volunteers at events.

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