• Saturday 5th - Install Party in Vincennes, Paris suburbs.
    Around 10 people have got some help on installing Ubuntu.

  • Saturday 5th - Premier Samedi du Libre in Paris
    This is a multi-distribution small install fest where around 60 people come to get help configuring and installing their Linux system.

  • Saturday 5th and Sundnay 6th - FOSDEM
    Some Ubuntu-fr teammates gave a hand at the Ubuntu booth in Brussels Fosdem. Thanks to JanC for his invitation. More details on Fosdem/2011

  • Monday 7th - weekly ubuntu-fr-webteam meeting
  • Wednesday 9th - Launch of our new design for the french documentation.
  • Wednesday 9th - SoirĂ©e Ubuntu One a conference about UbuntuOne in Dijon.
    Drinking and eating event with discussion about UbuntuOne solution.

  • Saturday 12th - Install Party in Pau

  • Monday 14th - weekly ubuntu-fr-webteam meeting
  • Wednesday 16th - Ubuntu Hour in Paris

  • Thursday 17th - Jeudi de la bidouille in Lyon
    Jeudi de la bidouille is a hacking session. Other distribution hacktivist are welcome to share experience and knowledge.

  • Saturday 19th - Associative meeting in Dijon
    Regular event to inform about Ubuntu, in Dijon.

  • Sunday 20th - Workshop for the organisation of Ubuntu Party in Paris, we wrote and send a letter to invite groups of college students.
  • Monday 21st - weekly ubuntu-fr-webteam meeting
  • Monday 21st - IRC meeting and workshop to rewrite the content of our event site http://ubuntu-party.org/

  • Saturday 26th - Install Party in Lyon
    Install party.

  • Monday 28th - weekly ubuntu-fr-webteam meeting

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