• March 1st - Ubuntu Party 11.04 in Paris - Organisation meeting
  • March 2nd - Install Party in Soissons
  • March 5th - Premier Samedi du Libre in Paris
    This is a multi-distribution small install fest where around 60 people come to get help configuring and installing their Linux system.

  • March 7th - Ubuntu-fr-webteam meeting
  • March 9th - Soirée du Libre, an Ubuntu Hour in Dijon
  • March 17th - Jeudi de la bidouille in Lyon
  • March 11th, 12th, 13th - Salon Primevère in Lyon
  • March 13th - Ubuntu-fr-infra system administration meeting
  • March 14th - Ubuntu-fr-webteam meeting
  • March 21th - Ubuntu-fr-webteam meeting
  • March 22th - Ubuntu Party 11.04 in Paris - Organisation meeting
  • March 28th - Ubuntu-fr-webteam meeting
  • March 29th - Ubuntu-fr meeting
  • March - Libre en fête in France
    The April, a French organisation promoting free software, organize each year this event to promote free software. They invite each LUG, communities, administrations to organize events around the 21th of March. Lot of the events are organised by users and promote Ubuntu with workshops, install fests, demonstrations, conferences, ...
    Too many events to list ;-).

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