The French and french speaking community.



Ubuntu-fr is a French non profit association (loi 1901) giving a well defined juridic status allowing to conduct our various actions to promote Ubuntu and free software.

Association board is composed of :

  • Islem Abd-El Rahman (snip)
  • Rudy André (cm-t)
  • Olivier Fraysse (Olive), vice president
  • Matthieu Joossen (amgie), treasurer
  • Thomas Joossen (Karum), president
  • Frédéric Mandé (quesh)
  • Anfissa Yevtihidis (Androsème), secretary

French website

The association manage the various websites ubuntu-fr.org trying to gather all Frecnh-speaking resources about Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu, UNE, Server and the other Ubuntu variants available in repositories. We manage:

  • a portal containing basic information that we renew slightly sometimes,

  • a very complete and open to everyone french documentation, willing to be as simple as possible and comprehensive.

  • a very active forum where anyone can come and ask any questions,

  • a planet grouping French blogs about Ubuntu,

  • irc channels #ubuntu-fr to help users and #ubuntu-fr-offtopic to discuss various topics, that anyone can join using his favorite irc client on irc.freenode.net or using the web chat page.

  • a complete francophone mailing list ubuntu-fr@lists.ubuntu.com where users can also find help,and also other mailing lists for our needs.

Theses various resources are available thanks to numerous volunteers, who manage them with great care. Please comply to the few codes of conduct (translated from the official Code of conduct).

You can contact administration teams by writing to ca at ubuntu-fr.org.


Follow the French and francophone events on http://ubuntu-party.org.

List of our activities on this wiki.


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