Basic information

  • Name: Christian

  • Location: Biel / Bienne, Canton of Berne, Switzerland

  • Launchpad Account: https://launchpad.net/~fuchs

  • IRC: Fuchs on irc.freenode.net (and several other networks)

About me

Hi there!

My name is Christian, I am male and living in the beautiful "Seeland" in Switzerland. I started using Linux in 2002 with Red Hat Linux. Since then I used several distributions, including Debian, Fedora Core, Gentoo Linux and Kubuntu.

I hold a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and I am currently on my way to earn the master's degree in engineering. I am working part-time as a software-engineer.

I am politically active and I am interested in photography and geocaching.

Feel free to contact me on IRC if you need further information.


Feel free to contact me in the following languages:

  • Swiss German
  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish (a bit rusty by now, unfortunately)

My Contributions to Ubuntu / the Ubuntu Community

Since September 2008

  • Official supporter in the German ubuntuusers.de platform

Since August 2009

  • Operator in the German ubuntu channels

Since June 2010

  • Moderator in the german ubuntuusers.de forums

Since January 2012

  • IRC Group Contact and founding member of the official ubuntuusers.de IRC presence on freenode

I am still active in the above mentioned roles and I give ubuntu support on an almost daily basis in the german ubuntu IRC channels on freenode. I also provided parts of the infrastructure used by the #ubuntu-de operators in form of a Wiki for two years. I provide the bot used in the ubuntuusers IRC channels (Pogopuschel, a supybot with some factoids and conversion of our wiki page syntax)

Future Goals

I plan to keep up the work as an IRC Operator and with ubuntuusers.de.

There are several ongoing IRC projects which have been discussed for a while, such as ban management.

For ubuntuusers I am currently establishing a social channel for former team members and people who are not part of the team, but close to it. I plan to keep going to the ubuntuusers real life team meetings, to improve the quality of our platform, from which the end users can benefit in getting high quality support and good documentation. I am also working on improving our IRC namespace by providing features in the bot, cleaning up our namespace and channel management.

Team Membership


If you know me and have something nice to say, please leave a comment here.

Torsten Franz

I know Fuchs (Christian) for some years. I work together with him in the ubuntuusers.de team - that is the official German forum for Ubuntu. In this forum he make a very good job as supporter and moderator. He is prudently, fair and solution-oriented. This are needful things for his job. In our discussions, I always have the impression that he understands the principles of conduct of Ubuntu, and can also apply. Fuchs has humor. At a IRC meeting I laugh often with him and I'm often in discussions with him about technical details but also about life itself. I've already met Fuchs a few times in real life, where he has always left a curious and authentic impression on me. Fuchs communicates openly, directly and human. This are the things I've learned to appreciate him very much. He shows himself human when he visited an Ubuntu teammember on the hospital bed. He shows himself directly, if he represents his opinion. He shows himself openly when he accept other opinions beside his own and when he learns from the other opinions. Fuchs represented Ubuntu in a very good way.

Christian Klotz

Fuchs (Christian) and me work in both the Moderatorteam and the Supporterteam at ubuntuusers.de. All the time I appreciate Fuchs for discussing in a very impartial manner as a moderator and helping others in a effective way. He represents Ubuntu and the Principles of the Code of Conduct intuitively all the time he acts on our platform. Besides I like his sense of humor when we meet in chatrooms while working for ubuntuusers.

Max Voit

Knowing Fuchs for quite a while now, I can say he's indeed been contributing to the ubuntu-community in various ways and a long time. Actually I remember him being in the german irc-channels - which is where I originally know him from - even the first time I joined there (which ought to have been around the time of feisty/gutsy). Since August 2009 Fuchs is as well a member of the german irc-operator-team, as a result of giving competent support whilst spending much time on the channels and dealing with (human) problems in a efficient way whereas staying kind all the time. Even today he's supporting users - though being active at various other points.

Benedikt Haus

Fuchs is a committed member of the #ubuntu-de IRC OP team and a competent supporter for many years. He has a distinctive sense of diplomacy and resolved more than a few conflicts and arguments, especially with users who slightly tend to troll. When I joined the team in 2010, he kindly mentored me in technical and organizational matters and has been a great colleague since then. In 'Real Life' he is very busy with studies, work and politics, but still active on IRC and ubuntuusers.de.

Achim - k1l - Behrens

Christian aka Fuchs is a well known member of the german-speaking Ubuntu-Community. He got a fair standing as operator/moderator and uses his knowledge for the Support. He offers alot of time for the Community in the IRC, the forums on ubuntuusers.de and reallive Teammeetings or Conventions besides his studies and Job. k1l 2022-07-02 00:35:05


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