Fumihito YOSHIDA


I am member of Ubuntu Japanese LoCo Team, Im work on mirror server maintenance(include Japanese official country mirror), translation, documentation, offline event planning.

Current Activities

Mirror servers administration

Im administrator of some Japanese mirror servers.


I wrote some ubuntu related articles in Japanese local magazines;

  • gihyo.jp(web magazine/portal by local publishing outfit "Gijutsu-Hyouron-Sya".)

  • "Software Design" (it is local magazine for software developpers)
    • Jan 2009 : "Guidance of Storages"; Chapter 2 "Software RAID on Linux"

    • Dec 2008 : "Learning Unix Technologies -- What is init daemons"

    • Nov 2008 : "Early review of Ubuntu 8.10"

    • Jul 2008 : "andLinux -- Linux that Working on Windows; Use Ubuntu on your Windows system!"

    • Jun 2008 : "Fonts knowledgebase for PC Unix" ; Chapter1 "Details of Font elements" ; Chapter2 "Inside font handlings on PC-Unix Environment"

    • Oct 2007 : "Go on with Ubuntu!" ; Chapter 2 "Installing Ubuntu, install into HDD, and make your customized CD/USB pendrives" ; Chapter 5 "Troubleshooting Ubuntu"

and so on....


Local Forum:


Plans and ideas

1) Better experience for Japanese people.

Im member of Ubuntu Japanse LoCo, and we(Japanese Loco) releases "Ubuntu Japanese Remix". It is including some our original packages and configurations. I had/would support release engineering and steering technical issues in past/now/future.

And, I am root of jp.archive.ubuntu.com and some mirror servers. Ill maintain their server as high-reliability.

2) TOMOYO Linux support.

I suggest a new MAC(Mandetory Access Control; It is often called "Secure OS") feature that named "TOMOYO Linux". This is another aproach of path-based Secure OS like AppArmor. And yet, TOMOYO is not only Secure OS. This aproach as "VFS Profiler" that can loggin *all* VFS based accessing. It helpful for general debugging, bottleneck analysis.

We can use mainline-kernel 2.6.30 or 31(TOMOYO is accepted in Linux-next now!).

3) Packaging legacy coding related software.

Some obsoleted charset still live in Japan by traditional(legacy) reason, for example, EUC-JP, CP932, ISO-2022-JP, and these variants. They have a lot of assets (host's LANG env variables, text documents, TeX documents, filenames and so on. And, Japanese formal e-mail are not UTF-8, UTF-8 are likely taboo. We have to use ISO-2022-JP by mythical rule of conduct).

I'll packaging some codings relates software, current problem will be looking up.

  • cocot ; COde COnverter on Tty (still in my PPA)

My Background

Computing are my business and my hobby. My mainline of business are computer fablic engineer. This provides cluster(grid) computing, HPC, secure computing and so on.

I use Windows, *BSD, Open Solaris, and Ubuntu.

My hope: *All people* embrace ubuntu as a "yet another good operating system". I know that Windows are not only alternatives (Windows are very good leaf, and we have amazing large rod that called FOSS).

We can provide alternatives.


Endorsements for Ubuntu Membership

I've seen Yoshida-san's extensive work with the LoCo team, the coordination of the Ubuntu Japanese Remix, and the Japan mirror servers. Yoshida-san is active in user support, both directly, and in assisting with translation and coordination of issues reported by Japanese users in the Ubuntu bug tracker. Yoshida-san's presentations typically command significant audiences, many of whom are being exposed to Ubuntu for the first time: they are well delivered, interesting, and often demonstrate features only recently introduced to Ubuntu. I fully support his application for Ubuntu Membership -- -- persia 2009-03-03 15:35:24


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