GNU Telephony is a meta project dedicated to the development and use of free software for telephony. The Ubuntu GNU Telephony team was created to make it easier to deploy and use our packages to create telephony services and support desktop integrated telephony services within Ubuntu. We choose to focus in particular on the creation of secure VoIP networks as part of the GNU Telephony's Secure Calling project.


How to Contribute

  • Packaging and testing
  • Bug reports and upstream patches
  • Ubuntu specific Faq's and howto guides
  • Voices for our phrase library
  • Artwork, configurations, and applications for packaging with Ubuntu


The SIP Witch Client and Server Deployment How To is being created and maintained to make it easier to understand how to create and deploy secure VoIP networks using SIP Witch and Twinkle in Ubuntu.

Launchpad Membership Policy

Team membership is open to anyone interested.

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