It is important to contact companies who sell computers or produce hardware to keep the pressure on to support Linux. Just find their contact info and contact them by email, fax, mail, and phone. Talking to companies, we must make sure to show them how our interests will benefit them.

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Personal Visit

Everyone should be able to get in touch with companies and just say what you want. For example, you could go to a computer retail store and ask them about supporting Ubuntu, and maybe even show off your own computer running it. They'll like the spinning cube Smile :) You'll probably need to try to talk to a manager or someone higher up to have you message have a chance of getting anywhere.

There are also suggestion boxes that should be taken advantage of at every opportunity. For example: Dell's IdeaStorm


Just as with personal visits, you'll need to try to get to someone higher up so be firm about it but don't be rude.

Complaint Letters

Letters can be emailed, printed and mailed or delivered personally, or faxed.


  • State your purpose
  • State your reasons
  • State the importance
  • State your request
  • Ask for a reply

Complaint letters can be used to ask companies to listen to our requests aside from complaining about things like service and broken products.

View an example from the consumerist.


This needs work!

Subject: Customer choice


I have bought and owned your machines for as long as i can remember but myself and many others would like to be able to purchase computers with Ubuntu pre-installed and avoid the Windows tax. I am one of the rapidly increasing number of users of Ubuntu, a Linux distribution, and i simply believe that as one of your customers, i deserve a choice and shouldn't be tied down to a Microsoft operating system.

Ubuntu is designed to be a Linux distribution "for human beings", freely available with free community support and professional support via Canonical Ltd. and other providers. For more information see

Ubuntu includes an OEM Installation option suited to vendors who wish to sell hardware with Ubuntu pre-installed. This is an option on Ubuntu's "Alternate" Install CD available via

You may also be interested in Ubuntu's Hardware Certification Program or Canonical's Partner programs. Information on both of them can be found at and


Executive Customer Service

Executive customer service staff have the power to pull strings and most large companies have them. Here's how to get through to them

  • For public companies, pull up the profile page in Google Finance and the corporate office should be listed under "Company Facts".
  • Call the corporate office.
  • Ask for a transfer to the office of the CEO.
  • You will likely get an exec. assistant but that's good. Voice mail is ok, too.
  • Give succinct summary and make your point.
  • Remain polite.

You should get the phone call from someone on the executive service team within a day or so.

The Hardball Route

This is probably unnecessary, and isn't recommended for most things.

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