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About Me

My name is Gary Kearley, I have been using Ubuntu for only the last year, but have worked in the IT industry for about ten years now mostly in a windows environment.

Last year I decided to try out and use Linux at home, mostly due to a number software induced crashes and reinstalls, at that point I tried Ubuntu, and now I am running Fiesty and testing Gutsy.

I support and enact the spirit of the word Ubuntu, 'Humanity to others' - As a result of this I have signed the Code of Conduct, infact I'd say the impression I got of Ubuntu and it's community when I was looking at linux a year ago was what made me start using it, and has kept me using it since.

In my spare time I am a bit of a car nut, I own a Mazda MX-5 (Miata for you Americans) and am an active member in the owners club, attending many events thoughout the year.

Things I do for the community

I am active in the Linux community, I run the Colchester Linux User Group ( #colchester-lug on and also ) and pimp Ubuntu to all the members, which probably annoys them Smile :-) I am a active member of the Ubuntu-UK loco, an Op in their IRC channel and staff as many of their real world events (such as LUGRadio Live 2007 and Linux World) as time and money allows.

As a result of my promotion of Ubuntu, I also have managed to get the a number of people interested, both within my workplaces and in the general community. It is kind of easy when the software is so good.

My biggest recent claim to fame is managing to talk both my parents into rolling out Ubuntu, both of which have given super feedback, even though they were very hestitant to let me install it to start with.

I try my hardest to assist in the ubuntu irc channels, I am very busy lately so sadly am unable to devote as much time to irc support as I'd like, but I'm always (well mostly) in #ubuntu #ubuntuforums #ubuntu-offtopic #ubuntu-uk and #ubuntu-ops, I am also in #freenode, #defocus, ##apple and my #colchester-lug channel.

I am a active member of a few mailing lists, most notably ubuntu-uk's one, but also the lugmaster one and my colchester-lug one.

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