Informazioni personali

Name: Andrea Gasparini

Birthdate: 1/09/1979

Job: Developer for


irc: gaspa at freenode

jabber: iogaspa at gmail dot com

launchpad account:

Activities in Ubuntu

  • I'm an active member of the Italian community:
    • I partecipated at two Ubuntu-it Meeting, helping for the organization of the second meeting in Bologna, in March 2009

    • I organized and attended at the first Ubuntu-it bugday, where we helped in about forty bugs.

  • I'm currently an Ubuntu Developer Contributor: for further purposes, I maintained a list of almost all bugs handled till Karmic releases

  • From june,26th I'm part of the MOTU team.

Qa works:

  • NBS page, with a list of all package that depends on nbs. At the moment the page is hosted here: and gets refreshed once a day.

  • maint_upload is a script for searching informations on upload for a given ubuntu release. It can search in "changed-by" stanza or in gpg signature names of maintainer, given in form of regular expression.
  • I set up also a server that runs edos-(build)debcheck daily. The results could be found ATM only in raw plain-text.

Packaging from Scratch

Messy Notes

Other Projects I work for/with

  • I'm a developer of View-OS, a process with a view:

    • I developed part of umview and I worked at the port of umview for amd64
    • I did kmview kernel module (now is device 10 231) with a great Renzo effort
  • Video4Linux: i worked also with video4linux and bttv.


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