Geany is a fast and lightweight IDE (Integrated Development Environment). It can run easily on both gnome and kde as it needs only GTK2 Runtime librarys. As well as running on various WM's within Ubuntu it is also known to run under many different distributions and operating systems. It is a very useful program regardless what language you use.

Some Basic Features:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code folding (Ability to temporary hide parts of the code)
  • Auto completion of XML and HTML tags
  • Supports many programming languages
  • Code navigation
  • Build system to compile and execute your code
  • Simple project management


To install

sudo apt-get install geany

Project Management

Creating a project in Geany is useful if your a creating a program/website with multiple pages and you want to be able to open them all easily without opening them individually.

To start a new project

From the menu navigate to Project/New This will create a [project_name].geany file which is just a file for geany to know which files to open. It will also create a directory in which all project files will be stored in.

To open a previous project

Opening a project will open all the files for the program/website altogether.

From the menu navigate to Project/Open


The compile command has different effects depending on the file type.

The compile options can be used to simply compile your C++/C programs without a seperate compiler.

To compile a program on the menu navigate to Build/Compile


There are many useful plugins for Geany which add functionality to the program,to see which plugins you have installed navigate on the menu to Tools/Plugin Manager

To enable plugins click the tick box next to the name of the plugin and to edit settings for the plugin click preferences with the plugin selected.

An example of some of the plugins available include:

  • Autosave - Enables you to set the program to automatically save after a set period of time.
  • Class Builder - Creates source files for a new class type
  • Export - Export files into different file formats
  • File Browser - Adds a file browser to the sidebar
  • HTML Characters - Allows you to add HTML chacters such as &amp

  • VC Diff - Creates a patch of a file against version control

Installing Plugins



Further Reading

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