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My Bio

  • I am a South African, living and working in London. I am Microsoft Certified professional, a self-professed computer geek and a big fan of Ubuntu.

I work in tech support for several small companies in london, and part of the time I am a web developer and project manager for various projects.

I love movies, football (Arsenal F.C.) and the Arts.

I have been known to play a few hours of civilization 4 or moo2.

I have previously worked for several companies in the UK, developing linux computers for retail sale. Unfortunately none of the them had the testicular fortitude to go all the way to market.

My goals for ubuntu in the UK:

* Establish an ubuntu presence in schools in the UK * Get Ubuntu certified for goverment use. * Get a branded, low cost ubuntu desktop/ laptop released and supported in the UK

Code of Conduct

I know that there are many people here against the code of conduct as being anti- opensource, against freedom and worse for you than deep fried mars bars. I feel that its a realy great way to show your commitment to a project and your support for the ideals and values of the project. So I signed... but damn the instructions were bad. Perhaps if there were better instructions on GPG etc it would be easier to sign up.

==Added to UK advocacy Group( if one even exists!!!)

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