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About Me

I like to tinker with software and it normally breaks before I realise. I used to be a developer back in the day, but I broke more code around my components than creating great software, so a colleague back then suggested that maybe I would be more suited for QA. He was right.

I started breaking software for a living doing security audits, which are mainly manual testing, and then moved on to do test automation for a living. I like to write test cases that are future proof, and I like to report test results in a way that they are useful for developers to be able to fix the problems.

I am as worried about development&testing processes as I am worried about the testing itself, because good testing is normally at the heart of any good development&testing process.

At some point I got involved in OpenStack testing and now I am a contributor to that project also.


Main projects

Led technically:


Future Goals

Currently working for Linaro, so my current involvement in Ubuntu is about making it work smoothly on ARM64, report bugs if necessary, keep in sync with Ubuntu.


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