Georgia US LoCo Team

We are the Ubuntu Georgia Local Community Team, a growing group of Ubuntu enthusiasts brought together with one goal: spread Ubuntu to others! Our team was created in early 2007. Since then, we have held several events and face-to-face meetings.

We have a team leader who presides over the council which is comprised of the sub-team managers. The team leader provides the final say on subjects discussed by the council. Our team has sub-teams that organize tasks to each team's specific purpose.

We work through individuals and organizations in the community to share Ubuntu, Linux, and Open Source with the all who we come in contact with. We have great plans for the future, and see a great opportunity in giving Ubuntu to others.

Key Details


19 November 2007

Team Contact

Joshua Chase <>


103 as of 28th May 2008

Mailing List


#ubuntu-georgia on Freenode




  • Sub-Teams: Created sub-teams dedicated to specific team tasks, including new user support, website design and support, wiki pages, intra-team communication, new user support and education, and marketing.

  • Collaboration with LUGs: Contact Georgia LUGs and user groups to coordinate joint events emphasizing an adoption of Ubuntu as the desktop and/or server environment of choice. We have already begun this process with the Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts, Free IT Athens, CHUGALUG, and Middle Georgia LUG.

  • Civic/Community Advocacy: We will provide media and strategic marketing to help further the Ubuntu into the mass market. We will use different means to help speed the adoption of Ubuntu. One example in action is the UbuntuBox project, where we provide CDs and additional information in CD stands in popular stores in Georgia. So far (11/13/07), we have provided over 100 CDs to the public in only 4 months. See for more information.



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