Free IT Athens Build Party Road Trip

A community events sponsored by Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts, the Ubuntu Georgia LoCO, and Free IT Athens.

This volunteer event will be taking place on Saturday, July 18th, 2009 from 10:30am to ~7:30pm. The plan is to travel as a group to the Free IT facilities in Athens, Georgia and spend the afternoon building, repairing, assembling and installing Linux computer systems that will be donated to regional educational institutions, non profit groups and community members in need.

To facilitate delivery of donated equipment and car pooling, the Road Trip caravan to Free IT Athens will congregate at the Fry’s parking lot (S.W. corner) near I-85 and Pleasant Hill road, adjacent to the Gwinnett Place Mall. Volunteers should arrive between 10:00am and 10:30am as we hope to depart by 10:45am and arrive at Free IT in Athens by about Noon. Plans are to work at Free IT until about 6:00pm, then drive out to arrive back at Frys by 7:30pm.

NOTE: Additional equipment donations will be accepted in the Frys parking lot (S.W. corner) from 10:00am until departure time. Please see the Free IT donations page for specifics.

Volunteers can bring their own lunch or participate in a group lunch order; collections will be taken and food ordered upon arrival at Free IT Athens. Donations of frosty beverages for the afternoon will also be most welcome.

Dinner and post-road-trip frivolities at an establishment in the vicinity of Gwinnett Mall may ensue as participating volunteers are motivated.

All volunteers and participants are, of course, welcome to make their own travel arrangements to Free IT Athens as they see fit, though we request that you still RSVP to help us better coordinate the event effort.

RSVP and QUESTIONS and IDEAS and CONCERNS and PUBLICITY ASSISTANCE welcome! Please contact: Aaron Ruscetta, ALE Events Coordinator (etc) cell: 404.315.0406 [ 11am to 11pm any day ]

Free IT Athens is Located at 594 Oconee St Athens, GA 30605 (706) 621-6157

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