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Giuseppe Terrasi



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peppe84 on

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You can find me usually on #ubuntu-docs, #ubuntu-it-doc

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<> with Public Key 8EA19DDB


Italian wiki

About me

I joined Ubuntu on December 2005 with Ubuntu 5.10 after using for a year Debian&Fluxbox, study GNU/Linux on Appunti di informatica Libera and many more manual.

I joined on LP in December 2005 and I started to contribute to early 2006 in Documentation Italian Team and Marketing Italian Team.


Currently, I am part of the following groups

Current activity

Activity in the italian team (see groups above).

Main past activity in italian Documentation Team

  • Ubuntu Admin of italian wiki for a few month between 2010-2011.
    Ubuntu Testing and migration of MoinMoin from 1.5.8 to 1.9.2 during January-April 2011.
    Ubuntu Introduced a system of report activities.
    Ubuntu Create a test wiki engine for try macro, template and new page.
    Ubuntu Build official documentation.

Page created and revided

Ubuntu MoinMoinDesktopEdition Ubuntu Gsopcast Ubuntu HpCompaq6735s Ubuntu LexmarkX2600 Ubuntu Firefox/Trucchi Ubuntu EditorDiTesto/Vim Ubuntu GnuCash Ubuntu Banshee Ubuntu Video/Via Ubuntu Via/BetaUnified2 Ubuntu Via/BetaUnified Ubuntu Via/Chrome9Unichrome Ubuntu Kde/CambiareTema Ubuntu Kde/CambiareTema/VersioniPrecedenti Ubuntu KPackageKit Ubuntu KPackageKit/VersioniPrecedenti Ubuntu Remastersys Ubuntu Alexandria Ubuntu CanonPixmaIP1500 Ubuntu CanonPixmaIP1600 Ubuntu Via/OpenChrome Ubuntu Video/Broadcom Ubuntu Ati/RadeonHd Ubuntu Consiglio Ubuntu Video/Xorg Ubuntu GuidaMailingList Ubuntu Firefox Ubuntu GoogleEarth Ubuntu Amsn Ubuntu Irssi Ubuntu Enlightenment17 Ubuntu Fluxbox Ubuntu Fvwm Ubuntu IceWM Ubuntu WindowMaker Ubuntu RecuperoDati Ubuntu BackInTime Ubuntu DidiWiki Ubuntu LibreOffice Ubuntu UbuntuOne Ubuntu MySqlWorkbench

This section is not up to date, the list would be long...

Activity in Documentation Team

Little patch and little revision of existing content:

Ubuntu ubuntu-docs_11.04.2: LibreOffice and Banshee instead and Rhythmbox
Ubuntu RealPlayer
Ubuntu Java
Ubuntu ubuntu-docs 11.04.3: Realplayer, Software Center instead of Software Sources.
Ubuntu My merge proposal... yes, I have learn how-to use bzr Smile :-)

Other activity in Italian community in general




Other / Non Ubuntu Stuff

Since october 2010 I'm an Italian Linux Society member.

Feedback for Ubuntu Membership


  • Giuseppe is a very active member is extremely active on the Documentation Team. Nice work, Peppe! -- MatteoLazzari 2010-11-26 16:50:08

  • Giuseppe's contribution has always been effective and very valuable. He's working with the Italian LoCo Team since long time. Highly recommended for the membership. -- xdatap1 2010-11-27 15:59:30


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