Email: <glenn AT SPAMFREE glennji DOT com>

An Aussie Ubuntero living in Scotland, Glennji is always playing with GNU/Linux, GNOME and Ubuntu!

I've joined EdLug and the UKTeam for promoting the use of Ubuntu here in my adopted home. I'm also a mailing list moderator for Gnome (

I do evangelise Ubuntu and Linux in general whenever I possibly can, and always carry a copy of Ubuntu and Kubuntu "just in case". My main rig is a Core 2 Duo running Ubuntu "Feisty", whilst my aging laptop has had beta and bleeding edge Ubuntu and Gnome (ahh, Garnome) installed, upgraded and broken time and time again, and is currently sporting the latest Xubuntu. I must have installed every music player, and every media system, in an attempt to find one that had all the features I'm looking for -- although currently Rhythmbox and gtkpod seem to pretty much cover it.

I've contributed patches to a backup application (pyBackpack); modified the menu editor (smeg) to show icon previews; written a (trivial) kernel patch that was never destined to be included; and written a Gnome panel applet (Toshiba ACPI screen dimmer) that could crash the panel like nobody's business. What fun!

Over the next year I hope to actually contribute something useful for a change, make it to at least a couple of user group meetings, and convince my girlfriend to switch from XP to Ubuntu. I mean, she's a Unix admin for fsck's sake! It's embarrassing!


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