Gobuntu 8.04.1 and future of Gobuntu

Gobuntu 8.04.1 is the final release of Gobuntu. The project has merged back to mainline Ubuntu, so there is no need for a separate distribution. Also, Ubuntu cannot reach the level of gNewSense since it has restricted + multiverse repositories, but it should aim to incorporate changes from gNewSense to the extent possible.

The new "Free software only" installation option in the normal Ubuntu (press F6 in the boot menu twice) basically achieves what Gobuntu is aiming for, as long as the general goal of having "clean" main and universe repositories is fulfilled (which is goal of the Ubuntu as a whole). Given that many goals Gobuntu has are goals of Ubuntu in general also, and the fact that gNewSense is anyway doing the work that can also benefit Ubuntu (knowledge of problematic packages), the mission of Gobuntu is a bit up in the air. There's discussion initiated by Mark Shuttleworth on the gobuntu-devel mailing list, continuing also in May. Feel free to participate in the discussion so that some conclusion of what'll be done can be made.

Download Gobuntu 8.04.1

Gobuntu 8.04.1 is out in alternate install CD version only.

Get it here: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/gobuntu/releases/8.04.1/release/


Gobuntu is a new flavour of Ubuntu that is aiming to apply the strictest possible interpretation of the Free Software Foundation's "Four Freedoms" to all content, both code and media, on the disk. The Gobuntu install disk should include nothing that is not modifiable and redistributable, and for which source elements are not available in their entirety. For example, if a PDF is on the disk, then the original document should also be available with modification rights.

Use Cases

  • A likes Ubuntu technically, but is concerned about her freedom.
  • B is a system administrator at an organization, which has a commitment to use only free software.
  • C runs a system with high security requirements, allowing only software with source code available to be used.
  • D is choosing parts for a commercial hardware platform. He wants to make sure that his company has access to all necessary bits of code so they are able to support their product in future.

Relation to Ubuntu

Gobuntu is a flavour of Ubuntu, just as Kubuntu and Xubuntu are flavours of Ubuntu. Gobuntu development happens as part of the broader Ubuntu project and shares the same archive, so work done to identify problematic content in the archive and benefit the users of Ubuntu and Kubuntu as well.

Hardware Support

At this stage, we recognize that Gobuntu will work with relatively few laptops and desktops, because of the widespread use of binary-only firmware. Running Gobuntu on your laptop will be quite an achievement, however we are working with hardware manufacturers to encourage them to make it possible to use their hardware with an entirely free platform.

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