Ubuntu has an official presence on Google+ in the form of a community:

This community is very large -- 86k members as of writing! While we keep things relaxed and informal 99% of the time, there are some instances where we have to draw a line. Just about everything listed below is a result of a post made in the community.


  • Observe the Code of Conduct at all times. In short, be respectful.

  • Google+ is not a very good support forum. Please use Ask Ubuntu or the Ubuntu Forums if you have a support question.

  • If you link an article, explain it! We want to start discussions, not just click on links you post.

  • There are certain kinds of discussions that we don't want to see. These will likely result in your post being removed:
    • Off-topic posts
      • Example: Android -- unless directly Ubuntu related
    • Microsoft vs. open-source, "Windows sucks," etc.
      • We're not here to make jabs at Windows users.
    • Links to a story with no context
    • Referral links to services like Dropbox, Copy, Box, etc.
      • This is borderline spam and may result in a ban. Hundreds of people post these links and it really clutters up the community. Save them for your friends, and don't clutter up thousands of peoples' streams.


  • There are certain things we consider spam, and will almost certainly result in a ban.
    • Obvious spam: marketing, drugs, etc.
    • Piracy
    • Referral links to services like Dropbox, Copy, Box, etc.
      • See the previous section
    • Repeated posts to your own site, especially if you're not explaining the content & starting a discussion

  • If you see spam, please report it. The sheer volume of posts makes it difficult to catch everything.


Sometimes we screw up and ban the wrong person, or will remove people for the wrong reasons. If you think you've been banned by accident, please message a moderator and they'll look into it. If you know why you've been banned and would like to be unbanned, please explain your situation to a moderator.


If you have questions or comments about these rules, please post in the "Meta" section of the community.

This is all common sense, so chances are if you're reading this you have nothing to worry about.

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