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This Spec is to discuss the creation of Avatar Maker called "MeMaker" a tool to create avatars in Linux.


People are creating profiles of there online lives everyday. One great way to show who you are and what you represent is threw a picture called an avatar. These images need to be individual and many times, needs to catch the eye of the people you are are trying to communicate with. This avatar creation program can help people express themselves online in a universal and easy to use way.

Use cases

  • Anu wants to have the same avatar for everything from he GAIM chat to her Ubuntu Forums account. She creates an avatar with MeMaker and the program exports her picture to an svg that can be used at any size and any format she needs.

  • Kristian wants to create avatars to represent different people in his office floor plan presentation and want to have pictures that are fun to look at and represent well the person that we wants to describe. He uses Inkscape for the floor plan and MeMaker for the production of the charactors for the rooms. He selects all the features he needs and then exports the file to be used with Inkscape.


Avatar Part Import A simple importing method can be created. Anyone can create an svg image following the guidlines. When this is done.... the image can be easily added to the collection of images that can be added to the avatar. Avatar export using existing tools the images in svg format can be exported to anything we like... from svg to png to gif. What ever the user needs the images for. Becase the image is originally a high quality svg the image will look clean at any scale.


Python and PyGtk will be used to create the system itself. Proper documentation is key and Dia will be used to show all Use Cases and UML diagrams. A document on the security will also be created.


There have been many online programs that do things similar to what I have been talking about, but nothing has become integrated into the gnome environment. Plugins could be easily made to integrate this program into gaim, your personal information, evolution, and anything else you like. There are many possibilities by making this program locally rather than online. A nice example of avatar maker.... but it has no export to file, and no integration with other software.


Code will be entirely Python Programming. Created using the Python Plugin for Eclipse. Python python python! Usability and Code cleanliness is very important here as the SVG code could get very dirty and hard to work with if I don't work with the XML code properly. I have created something before... but want to start fresh with all the correct code this time around. Smile :)

Unresolved issues

Gaim-ssh has neither been accepted or rejected as a Google Summer of Code Project.

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