Google Code In 2010

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Ubuntu would like to participate in the Google Code-in 2010, and is eager to attract good, capable, eligible students to apply for the projects.

If you are a registered student and are 13-18 years of age, you can apply for one of the projects or work on a project for another organization.

We would like to select students who are enthusiastic about their projects and are able to commit the time and energy required to make them successful.

How to start

  • Make sure you are eligible to participate
  • Review our
  • Read the Selection Process / Proposals section very carefully

  • Create your profile in our wiki page:
  • Apply from

Can you participate?

  • You need to be enrolled as a student and have your parents' permission to participate
  • You need to be 13 -18
  • If you are a Google employee, intern, contractor, family member, or resident and national of Iran, Syria, Cuba, Sudan, North Korea, and Myanmar (Burma), with whom Google is prohibited by U.S. law from engaging in commerce, you won't be eligible to participate.

Application Process and Proposal


We suggest you send the following report to your mentor every 2 weeks minimum

Subject: Project name - Date of report
TIME SPENT: approx hours

HIGHLIGHTS: what you learnt/ enjoyed the most

CONCERNS: what is concerning you that is out of your hands to change

WAITING ITEMS: Are you waiting for anyone else to complete a task or are you depending on someone else

STALLED TASKS: If you are stuck, please state the factors that delayed those tasks

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: List them by importance

MINOR TASKS: Any other tasks


If you don't have the time to write a report or you had a busy week, you should at least send an email to your mentor answering the following questions

  1. What have you done since your last status report?
  2. In the process of doing it, what did you run into, both positive and negative?
  3. What did you do about what you ran into, both positive and negative?
  4. What are you going to do next?

Things to consider

How to succeed

  • Don't overbook yourself. You'll have a lot to learn before you will get to the point where you can begin coding your project, and the projects are all non-trivial. We will provide you with amazing support from the mentors and community, but it is up to you to make sure that you can focus on your project
  • Your mentor is here to help you; don't be afraid to ask the difficult questions, or even the easy ones!
  • Submit progress reports early and often. Use these to honestly reflect on how well you are doing towards your goals, and make adjustments to your project plan to match.

The end

  • Keep in touch
  • Blog about your experience
  • Become part of our community!

Ubuntu Projects

The lists of Ubuntu project ideas for Summer of Code 2010 are found on the

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