This is the project page for an introductory session taking place Monday, Feb 22nd from 7 PM - 9 PM at the UC Berkeley University Village residential computer lab located at 1101 Jackson St, Albany, CA. The goal is to help the international family residents install and use Linux on their home computers. A follow up session will be held Monday, March 1st.

We will give a presentation for 30-45 minutes followed by an installfest where residents are invited to bring their laptops and install Linux with the assistance of user group volunteers from the Berkeley Linux User's Group, BerkeleyLUG.

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The OpenDisc - Quality Open Source Software DVD for Windows

Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society's Open Source Software CD for Windows

The Codebreakers 2006 BBC broadcast

Did You Know? youtube videos including v.2 and v.4

Ubuntu Version Timeline with code names

Creative Commons Video, Mayer & Bettle

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To run DVDs, flash and other media install ubuntu-restricted-extras

Linux in Higher Education, LJ article from 2000

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BSidesSanFrancisco Security Event - Cool Downtown SF event Tuesday and Wednesday, March 2nd-3rd, 2010

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