Intermediate users of should have access to a "Module" Manager that could enable the ability to graphically add/subtract kernel modules. The interface should include descriptions of each, whether it is being used currently, and a simple on/off check for each module.


We have every Module on for maximum compatibilty across all computers. It would be nice to have a simple way to turn some off these off, hopefully increasing speed of the computer. It will allow users to balance compatibility with speed for their computers.

Use cases

Jack is a power user and is interested in tweaking his computer to get the most from it. Jack runs this interface and notices all the modules installed and enabled along with which are absolutely required. He then selects the ones that he feels will not be required.


This graphical interface is mostly for kernel modules, but could combined as modules /drivers / services / daemons.


I believe KDE has something like this, but it needs to gnomified, simplified, more descriptive, and help identify needed/unneeded modules.



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User Comment

Intermediate user here, This interface would compliment afew Howto's, in the forums. Wouldn't it be most useful, for a newbie, that may have to load a driver, for their dial-up modem ~ for example?

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