• Name : Bruno A. Benitez

About me

I'm a library science student from Argentina, I've been using Linux sporadically since 1999, only in the last semester of 2010 and beginings of 2011 I've started to use linux intensevely. My choosen OS is Xubuntu, because it was the only OS that could fit on my old machine and make it powerful, today I still use it because I find it better and more useful than any of its contrincants.

I've always liked the idea of saving information for the future, the idea that we shouldn't duplicate efforts and that we should be able to search all of mankind's knowledge, thats why I study library science, thats why I make the best of my efforts to develope ways in wich help people to find the information they need, and even to store it.

Skill Set

  • I am very good at searching information, I like to search for it and help others find the correct information resourse that would fulfil their needs.
  • I speak spaƱish and something of english.
  • I understand basic php and html, plus some xml.

My Contributions

I've started contributing directly to xubuntu by giving user support on the main channels, also i give user support on the main #ubuntu-es channel and i've reached the Operator status for such channels.

I am partly responsable for the FAQ pages, where i collect all the usual questions and useful tips for the last few releases.

Support & Bug Triage


  • Ubuntu GridCube is a long supporter, he has spend the last 3 years in #ubuntu-es where he's developed an obsession to answer all questions who're falling there. He's now part of the OP team. I've talked with him and I've convinced to apply for the membership. I'll be glad to show my support when needed. - by Javier Lopez


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