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  • Tried to install Kubuntu 7.10 Beta from CD 4 times on 2 standard machines (one laptop, one desktop), The laptop completely from scratch (manually partitioning all disk, no other OS left), the desktop having a Winsomething on it, manually partitioned keeping Windows. Installing in French, standard installation. Everytime the install froze completely at exactly 87%, last thing that got displayed was "Downloading languages packs" which actually seemed to download files, but then the installation sat there with ubiquity eating 100% CPU for hours with no message at all, no way to go beyond this except killing install, so I had to revert back to installing 7.04 feisty on those 2 machines. (...) -- SwâmiPetaramesh 2007-10-12 13:42:26 (Update: I confirm this issue is fixed in RC now -- SwâmiPetaramesh 2007-10-13 15:12:21)

  • Upgraded from Ubuntu+Kubuntu 7.04 to 7.10 Beta using Kubuntu upgrade tool and advice given on the web page. Could finally succeed in the end, but got several packages dependancies issues that caused the automatic upgrade to fail, and needed me to uninstall some packages and perform most upgrade job then using "aptitude" in command-line mode. On of the dependancies needed me to uninstall "ubuntu-desktop" then upgrade the reinstall it... My opinion is that currently upgrade may be quite hard for newbies... -- SwâmiPetaramesh 2007-10-12 13:42:26

  • The syntax of adept-manager command changes once it is upgraded : uses "--version-upgrade" before upgrade, and needs "--dist-upgrade" once this one is upgraded, with no support for old syntax. Took me a moment to find out, that's puzzling... -- SwâmiPetaramesh 2007-10-12 13:42:26

  • Seen that 7.10 Beta still contains ndiswrapper 1.43. Too bad I need at least 1.47 for driving my hardware, so I still have to compile it from sources... 1.47 was released in July (at least I use it since July), So I'm surprised it's still 1.43 in latest Ubuntu/Kubuntu beta. New drivers needed for recent hardware ;-)) -- SwâmiPetaramesh 2007-10-12 13:42:26

  • seems like kvkbd coredumps if you want to use it from kdm ( /etc/kde3/kdm/Xstart script ). It even coredumps if you run it from terminal without an running XOrg - I think it is not okay and it should show the options instead? Anyways: nice tool that i've been looking for quite a long time!!
  • qyoto works but you need symlinks from the dll file to the /usr/lib/mono/gac directoriy to complete the tutorials. maybe this can be fixed in the packages? I dunno about monodevelop though, it cannot find the Qyoto template! Update: it it working in monodevelop as well

  • I Love Gutsy, But I would like that kdm-theme was installed by fault to be able to change the KDM without complications for the new users.
  • Still no way to set Pidgin as the default IM client in systemsettings.

  • I had a difficult time upgrading from 7.04 to 7.10 RC. First off, I would leave the update process running and when I came back a while later, it was gone. Tried this a couple of times, then did it while watching and with XOSView running. What happened was that all of the Swap suddenly got used up and then the update vanished. My PC has only 512MB. So I did the upgrade using Adept Manager, as if it were any normal upgrade. I had dependency and other problems, as mentioned above. What I found worked was to let Adept get as far as it could (with "show details") - a long time after the error message came up. Then I quit Adept and ran "sudo dpkg --configure -a" in konsole. Repeated this process a few times until everything except a couple of KDE4 packages were left and they refused to install; so I just uninstalled them - I'll look at them again later. All a bit vague I know, but I hope it is helpful. Everything seems fine now... And despite everything it was a more successful version upgrade than I have previously experienced with Suse Smile :-)

Here is my experience from upgrading to Gutsy RC from Feisty.

  • The guide to upgrade was a bit confusing since it had several different guides. I figured it out though and used adept to upgrade.
  • I was unlucky and lost my internet connection for a short notice while in the middle of downloading the packages. This completely stalled the upgrade (it didn't continue to download after the connection was restored). I killed the upgrade program and started again, but some relevant process was still running so it failed. After some searching I found the relevant process, killed it and I could start the upgrade process again. The rest of the upgrade went along as it should.
  • To be honest I had expected to have to do a fresh install shortly after the upgrade. I based that expectation on my Edgy -> Feisty upgrade, however this upgrade has been much more smooth and here a couple of days after upgrading I'm still pretty satisfied with my system. Eventually I will probably do a fresh install though - there's just something nice about a clean install Smile :) Furthermore, I have a problem with Konqy when connecting to a specific ftp site (I just get a blank page where I should get a folder listing), it carried over from Feisty. If I don't figure out why that happens and get it fixed, a fresh install is what I'll do.

  • The integrated card reader in my Thinkpad Z61t now works - it wasn't a big issue for me, but it is nice to have it working.
  • I'm undecided about dolphin, maybe it's because I'm used to konqy though...
  • I have a Samsung M86 hdtv (full hd, supports 1920x1080p). I tried connecting my laptop (this was with before upgrading - it was with a LiveCD) to the TV via a VGA cable but I couldn't get that to work. I'll have to look into that more.

Bottom line: Gutsy is a nice improvement over Feisty.

  • The updater closed right before starting to download the very last file, but with "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" afterwards everything worked just fine (maybe suggest that on the upgrade info page as an emergency-solution?).
  • My dpi setting was detected incorrectly (Radeon 9200 SE, 1024x768), causing the mouse-pointer and all fonts to be twice as big as normal (only in the login screen the fonts were half as big as normal). Solution was System Settings -> Appearance -> Fonts -> Force dpi to 96.

  • Now everything works _very_ good

  • Works perfectly. Only the adept_installer has needed a bit long time by de/selecting packages after the installation.

  • With 7.10 RC, Now the ENE multiformat SD/MMC flash card reader on my Acer Aspire 3104 WLMi laptop works automagically like a charm, where it was simply not visible at all with 7.04 !
  • On the other hand, my laptop won't hibernate to disk anymore (hangs) where it worked perfectly in Feisty Sad :-( (Bug 152254) -- SwâmiPetaramesh 2007-10-17 06:32:23

  • Once more about Qyoto: "Debug" working in monodevelop, but "Release" builds terminate with an error: "Build failed. A null value was found where an object instance was required."

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