The Xubuntu developers are moving very quickly to bring you the absolute latest and greatest software the Ubuntu and Xfce community have to offer. Gutsy Gibbon Tribe 3 is the third of several alpha releases for Xubuntu 7.10. With this Tribe comes a whole host of excellent new features. The feature list for 7.10 has been steadily growing since Gutsy opened several months ago. Many exciting new packages have been uploaded to Xubuntu, and developers continue to work to add even more features that will appear later in the release cycle.

Note: This is still alpha (not a stable) release! Alpha releases of Gutsy are not encouraged for anyone who needs a stable system or who is not comfortable running into a broken system. Alpha releases of Gutsy ARE recommended for Xubuntu developers and anyone interested in helping to test, report, and fix bugs.

Packages Updates

Some of these packages may or may not be included by default in a Xubuntu install. This is an overview of packages that Xubuntu users can look forward to as part of their Xubuntu experience.


Oggconvert is an easy to use media convertor to move media into a free format (i.e. from mp3 to Ogg Vorbis). Some highlights include drag and drop conversion while preserving meta-data. Since it uses Gstreamer, it can convert most any file that is playable and supports the Schroedinger encoder for encoding to the Dirac video format (note that this encoder is currently experimental).

Xfce 4 Goodies

The "Goodies for Xfce" project includes additional software and artwork that are related to the Xfce desktop, but not part of the official release. Some related Xfce 4 plugins are: battery levels monitor, clipboard history, disk performance display, network load monitor, wireless monitor and a weather monitor.

Xfce4 Volume Status Icon

The xfce4-volstatus-icon package installs a program that displays an icon in the systray, which allows you to easily (and safely) unmount/eject your removable volumes (flash drives, CDs, DVDs, portable media playes) under Xubuntu.

Xfce4 CD Drive Plugin

The Xfce4 CD Drive plugin puts a button in the panel to open or close a CD-ROM drive tray. Additionally, the button icon reports the content of the drive. The icon indicates if there is a disc in the drive, if it is mounted, and the type of the disc (regular CD-ROM, audio, DVD...)


Tribe 3 rolls out with a new kernel, the 2.6.22 mainline (Linus) kernel which has a full range of new features. Landing in 2.6.22 is SLUB, a kernel memory allocation system, as well as a rewritten, cleaner wireless stack. The new wireless stack is smaller and cleaner for writing device drivers. Speaking of drivers, more of those have been added and will be supported as well.


The Ubuntu Server Team has grown and expanded and major work is being done to make the server as easy install and use as the desktop. In Tribe 3, we will see Ebox, a configuration tool, as well as a lot of bug fixing and new versions of many popular server packages. Ebox is a network services control tool. Designed to be easy to use even for non-Unix admins, Ebox allows control of a huge number of services from a single web interface.


Here is a small preview of what a default Tribe 3 installed desktop looks like:

Click image for larger view

Download Tribe 3

Get it while it's hot. ISOs and torrents for all Ubuntu projects are available at:


Gutsy Gibbon does ship with bugs! Your comments, bug reports, patches and suggestions will help fix bugs and improve future releases. Please report bugs through Malone, Ubuntu's bug tracker.

If you want to help out with bug reports, the BugSquad is always looking for help.

Participate in Xubuntu

If you would like to help shape Xubuntu, take a look at the list of ways you can participate at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate/ and http://xubuntu.org/devel

More Information

You can find out more about Xubuntu on our website.

For user discussion, help, and support then please subscribe to the Xubuntu user mailing list at https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/xubuntu-users .


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