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Known issues:

  • is current broken and will not start up. This issue is being looked into. (Bug #127944)


  • Start Here and add @SIG@ to the end of your post so we know who you are. It will look like this -> -- nixternal 2007-08-08 16:41:57

  • I hope "this bug" in ark is fixed and the fix is included in the final release of Edgy. This bug is very intimidating as it affects the most common archive format of the GNU/Linux world.

  • doesn't start ... gets stuck at about 80% of splash... that blows; other than that awesome! -- Andrea54 09.08.2007 17:10:45

  • OO starts, but as soon as you open an existing document it hangs -- katakombi
  • The installer still gives the Netherlands keyboard-layout when choosing Dutch (Nederlands) as your language. This should be US International with dead-keys. Please fix this! -- Jeroen69 2007-08-09 16:50:31

  • Like usually, I tested this GutsyTribe4 on my ASUS A6Q007H Laptop using the x86_32 LiveCD :

    • It took a very long time to boot and reach the Kubuntu Desktop, compared to previous alpha versions (???)
    • When using all OpenGL screensaver setup, Xorg crashes. (since Tribe2 at least).
    • there is no tools to manage grub settings for boot. I think it is really missing and should be included in System Settings panel (advanced tab, for example).
    • Reboot does work now, but I had the following message during reboot : usplash: no useable theme found for 640x480
    • the security tab of settings:/Security/ of KDE Configuration should also be linked to your System settings panel. It is also missing I think. Since Kubuntu is supposed to be a true-KDE distribution, it would be nice to link most of KDE Settings menus to Kubuntu System settings.
    • Dolphin's nice, but the "sort-by-type" display option is missing I think. Besides Dolphin isn't the default filemanager, despite what is said in the Tribe3 announcement
    • Trying to launch Open Office occupied all CPU capacity (AMD Turion MT34 on my laptop).
    • Adept Batch crashed when I tried to select bcm43xx in the Restricted Drivers section of System settings while being offline. (signal 6 SIGBRT given by KDE Crash Handler).
    • Verify that System settings and its sub-menus properly resize when their windows are opened, because sometimes we can't reach easily the lowest part of the windows (this problem is already in Feisty). For Tribe 4, I have a good example : Launch System Settings, click on Regional & Language, and then go back to the initial windows using Overview : it keeps the large format of Regional & language whereas the icons occupy only half of the window....

    • Power manager doesn't offer Suspend and Resume like it used to in previous alpha versions (and it was indeed working : at least suspend2RAM).
    • The system seemed generally less responsive than previous alpha versions.
    • Just like MitchGolden, I've noticed KNetworkmanager doesn't reconnect always to Wifi networks after deconnection either by hand or via suspend/hibertnate. It seems that KNetworkmanager doesn't find a way to get the WPA key, since it asks for it after a long period of time ; strange, because it works fine just after boot (this problem is already present in Feisty).

    • Conclusion ? Pretty worried about how things can change so badly from one testing version to another....Good luck // Nikoo, August 12nd 2007
  • I tested the Tribe 4 release using the x86_32 livecd on a Dell e1405 laptop.
    • I prefer the new brighter color artwork - it's much improved and compliments the colors in the Kubuntu logo.
    • Unfortunately, my Broadcom 43xx wireless card still doesn't work "out of the box". A growing number of distros are now able to manage this and it seems to be a relatively widely used wifi card. I understand the issue of "non free" drivers etc, but since you're adding the Restricted Drivers Manager, perhaps an initial screen could pop up at first log in offering to install or at least walk the user through the install of any needed restricted drivers to have a fully functioning system.
    • I definitely miss not having Firefox installed on the cd. -- Varaonaid 2007-08-10 15:39:21

      • Definitely, one of the most important missing programs in kubuntu is FireFox, Why?

        • Because it already includes Konqueror, and some of us prefer not to use Firefox. -- AmyRose 2007-08-23 22:22:20

  • I tried an upgrade from an existing Feisty Kubuntu system.
  • I tested Kubunty Gutsy alpha 4 on an old Sony Vaio PCG-XG19. I noticed the following things immediately:
    • I can't test the CD. If I try to do it I get "Buffer I/O Error on device fd0, logical block 0". It appears twice and then it just boots instead of testing the CD. In fact, I get the same errors when I just try to boot normally.
    • After the install, when it upgrades packages, it offers a distribution upgrade. Obviously, there is no distribution newer than this.
    • KNetworkManager doesn't detect when I insert or remove the network cable. (reported here )

    • In alpha 3 there was a fix to the timezone map (reported here: ) but it's broken again in alpha 4 -- MitchGolden 2007-08-11 23:18:53

    • Another thing I just noticed: KNetworkManager doesn't reconnect to the wired network after a suspend or hibernate. -- MitchGolden 2007-08-11 23:28:49

  • I tested the Tribe 4 release using the x86 LiveCD on a new Thinkpad T61 laptop.
    • Unlike previous releases, the high resolution (1440x900) seems to work out of the box, which made me very happy.
    • Though the resolution works, the fonts seem to be strangely large in comparison to the icons, etc. I tried forcing DPI but that didn't change anything. EDIT: Messing around with KDE configuration stuff seems to have alleviated this a little bit, but they're still off, appearing slightly bigger, bolder, or with much more spacing than they should.

    • My Intel I4865 A/G/N wireless card is detected, and I can see and connect to wireless networks using KNetworkManager, but I CANNOT connect to the internet at all using a browser... EDIT: I applied the updates show on this page and all seems to be working fine now...

    • KNetworkManager DOES detect when I plug/unplug a wired connection, unlike MitchGolden's experience on his Vaio

    • Sound does not work. I think it will have to wait until the next ALSA release...
    • Generally, hoping that hardware detection and support will continue to improve... -- Czheng2 2007-08-14 18:59:28 EDITED -- Czheng2 2007-08-16 18:40:36

  • Tribe 4: In the repositories themes emerald or aquamarine for compiz-fusion does not exist
  • One thing I noticed. If I click on the trash applet and choose "Open in New Window" an error message pops up "Malformed URL trash:/". -- sthiele 2007-08-17 23:10:56

  • Please remove trash icon from the panel area near the clock. You can add "Trash" item to the system places menu you have near the start button. This will make look and feel more siple and clear but will live quick and convenient access to the "Trash" folder.

  • Strigi question: is it really the time to include Strigi as default search engine? I did not try to get it to index a whole lot of files, but, judging from what I saw there are still issues to be solved, like:
    • The html gui is, to tell the truth, ugly. Maybe it could be replaced with something as simple as apt:/ html gui?

    • I did a search on a word I knew there was present in one file. The result was, that strigi treated the spreadsheet as an archive, and the word I was searching was supposedly to be found in file.ods/content.xml !!! That is not user friendly, though it does work. -- DonatasGlodenis 2007-08-22 00:15:31

  • Installed this new version (4) on a Compaq Presario R3240us laptop. Install went fine, but usage is flakey:
    • Tried to set up an email account in KMail. I click on the Kontact icon and it tells me that it can't create a folder in my home directory (/home/me/.kde/share/apps/kmail/mail) and to check that I have permissions to make one there. I just installed this and you think that I would, but it fails to let me do so.
    • My Broadcom 43xx wireless card also doesn't work.
    • For some reason, the KWallet applet fails to open when I use Kopete to try and connect to a server to use IM.
    • It would be nice if the System Menu was done away with on the panel and replaced with Dolphin instead. I thought it was supposed to be the new default file manager?


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