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Hakim Sheriff



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hakimsheriff on irc.freenode.net

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Ubuntu Canada

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Ubuntu Quebec

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Montreal GMT-5/EST

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Ubuntu Studio 12.04

About Me

My name is Hakim Sheriff. I speak English and French. I currently live in Canada. I am interested in helping the Ubuntu community and help it grow.

I am currently in the:

  • Ubuntu Ubuntu quality assurance team,

    Ubuntu the Ubuntu testing team,

    Ubuntu the Ubuntu beginners team,

    Ubuntu the Ubuntu Youth team,

    Ubuntu the Ubuntu Advertising team,

    Ubuntu the Ubuntu Quebec team(LOCO),

    Ubuntu the Ubuntu Canada team(LOCO).

    Ubuntu the Ubuntu For All Team,

    Ubuntu and the Ubuntu Tour team

I am also helping out a bit with the:

  • Ubuntu Ubuntu Gaming team

and trying to help the:

  • Ubuntu Ubuntu marketing team.

My Past

I have been working with the Ubuntu community since 11/11/2010. I have done a lot of things like testing new Ubuntu Releases, Helping people on the #ubuntu-beginners IRC Channel, and I am sending out Powered By Ubuntu Stickers(system76) for the Ubuntu-ca team.

What I have done

  • 11/24/2010: I introduced Ubuntu to 10 people who didn't know what Ubuntu was.
  • 11/24/2010: I tested Ubuntu 11.04(Alpha 1) i386. I tested the live session.
  • 02/23/2011: I turned a Mac OS lover into a Ubuntu fan.

NOTE: Many Things are Missing from this list, Sorry Smile :)

What I am Currently doing

I am constantly trying to introduce new people to Ubuntu.

I a always trying to help people new how to use Ubuntu.

I am trying to advertise Ubuntu to the world.

I am now sending "Powered By Ubuntu" Sticker by System76 for Canada. I will send out 4 stickers to anyone in Canada who sends a Self Addressed Stamped envelope to the address below.(Just send an envelope with an envelope inside that has your address and enough stamps for the envelope to get back to you.) Send your SASE at: * *

  • Ubuntu Sticker Offer
  • 926 Tsse D`√¨sere
  • St-Lambert QC J4S 1Z2
  • Canada

How I can help Ubuntu

I can help beginners who don't understand how to use Ubuntu. I can help advertise Ubuntu at my school and get everyone to use it. I can test the latest Ubuntu products as I am in the quality assurance team.

My Future

In the future I think I will just continue helping Ubuntu in many more ways. I will continue getting involved in the community and even get more involved. I think I will help Ubuntu for a long time.

Internet Relay Chat

I am in the following IRC Channels:

  • Ubuntu #ubuntu

    Ubuntu #ubuntu-beginners

    Ubuntu #ubuntu-beginners-team

    Ubuntu #ubuntu-quality

    Ubuntu #ubuntu-gaming

    Ubuntu #ubuntu-testing

    Ubuntu #ubuntu-qc

    Ubuntu #ubuntu-ca

    Ubuntu #ubuntu-youth

    Ubuntu #ubuntu-marketing

    Ubuntu #ubuntu-adverts

    Ubuntu #ubuntu-for-all

    Ubuntu #ubuntu-tour

And sometimes in the:

  • Ubuntu #ubuntu-meeting

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